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  1. Did that when I was in like 1st grade, looked like a preschooler due to poor health... a 7th grade bully was sexually harassing a 5th grade girl who was my friend. I walked up to him, asked if his name was X, he said yes, I said, "You need to leave my friend alone."

  2. Zanza is just a strait up dick with a god complex.

  3. I actually almost like it. Not this exact implementation, but the concept.

  4. Because it's a function, and functions require braces.

  5. The concern is with how the fronted confirms it is authorized to make a request to the API - I use tokens. A token is added to the header of each call, the backend pulls out that header and confirms it’s a legit token. Those tokens are sorted locally on the user’s computer and, theoretically, could be discovered. But that would require physical access to the computer… but still, I feel it’s a weak area.

  6. Make sure the cookie is Secure and HttpOnly to prevent XSS attacks, and then make sure the token has a short expiration so if it's stolen by someone sneaking around on the computer, it's effectively useless. You can use the token to generate a new token before it expires.

  7. what the fuck these are from two different scenes on two different planets

  8. I get one every single time I go there. I would get more than one if they weren't $1.99 a piece. Recently I was in Gainesville and they were $1.69, so I went ahead and grabbed 2.

  9. Cheesy Roll-ups are $1.99 here. Chicken not included. 😭

  10. As someone who has ordered Taco Bell for parties, I don't really recommend hard tacos. Unless you're eating them immediately, they just become soggy.

  11. That's decent if it's at a slow tempo, but if it's fast, it's not really feasible.

  12. Are you referring to an arpeggio? Otherwise 5-3-2-1 obviously. 5-2-1-1 for simultaneous.

  13. I am. I see now OP wants the notes played in sequence except the last two. I think your way makes sense.

  14. What does that have to do with tacos or Tuesday?

  15. I love how the submerged rocks along the bottom look like a low-resolution texture without bump/normal mapping. Ray tracing is on though. 👍🏼

  16. That cavern with the dragon and ignas near the end of the main story... Dear God...

  17. It's easy to cheese when you realize that only the player character can be seen by enemies. The rest of the party is invisible.

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