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  1. Having the same issue. Hope someone comes up with a soolution soon.

  2. Incredible scape! Also love the ghibli posters

  3. Thank you! We are big anime fans and especially ghibli movies!

  4. Question, do the females have a white thing poking out there anus? I've tried to treating it but it has stayed forever

  5. Yes they do. Probably ready to mate. Its pretty much out all the time on my female

  6. What do you feed them? Mine has struggled/refused to eat sometimes for some reason, I've treated with parasites and she'll still sometimes not eat

  7. They eat everything. I feed serra color up flakes. Frozen Blood Worms, Frozen Brine Shrimp.

  8. Holy shit this sucks. Looks like a bootleg.

  9. Try to take it a lot slower. Just slow everything down. Then start from there.

  10. I was wondering if you could have a ball that was drilled in a manner to have the weight of the core sitting further back towards the back of your palm and less towards your fingers

  11. Just looking at a bowling ball cut in half. It looks like pin down would kind of do this.

  12. Went out of town to bowl over in apple valley CA at Oasis bowl. Went bowling with the family. The owner told me I was responsible for my own equipment. Didn't give a shit about my stuff. Ball is literally less than a week old.

  13. Those lanes are fucking terrible! I went there to dowl with my son while visiting family. Luckily my ball didn't get damaged. 16 lanes of pure neglect. Next time I will try the lanes in Victorville.

  14. We bowled the night before at Victor Bowl. Very clean and great lanes. System is also nice and new. Definitely recommend going there!

  15. I have one too. Thing hooks the whole lane! Definitely really aggressive for a dry house shot

  16. Honestly if you're having issues with your hand cramping, get a grip strengthener at Dick's or online. I grabbed one and within 3 days of constant training, my hand is perfectly fine now when bowling. It'll help with building strength in your tendons and wrist as well. Wouldn't hurt to try

  17. I actually have really high grip strength. Don't have a problem with that part.

  18. Have you attempted the two handed technique?

  19. I have actually. Much easier. But I'm going to stick with 1 hand until it's my last resort

  20. Congrats. My high since I started bowling seriously a couple months ago has only been 194. 223 back in the day about 15 years ago but I don't count that one anymore.

  21. Honestly looks pretty solid to start out. I suck though so I don't know. 😂

  22. Hey man…. It actually looks pretty good like that. There is no problem having a bent elbow at the top of the swing. The top pros all have some kind of bent elbow. It’s where they get there ball speed an power from.

  23. Appreciate the feedback brother. I'm actually on the way to the proshop to pick up my refit bowling balls. This is definitely going to have a lot to do with how I approach the game from here on

  24. You don’t need to keep your hand under the ball all the way thru the back swing and forward.

  25. Just checked out that video. His technique is insane. I really like the way he delivers.

  26. I mean... It's impressive that he can still stand up after all that damage

  27. I thought that multitone dusky gray looked too good to be true 😄

  28. 🙏🤣 I really like white/grey on my kits so I tend to use them a lot.

  29. I like it. Anything to break up the constant “pure white with blue/red/yellow accents.” I don’t mind the accent colors necessarily, but almost every kit is the same white and seems really boring. I like dark earthy colors, especially black and green. Seeing all these bright white kits discourages me since I have no intention of painting. Which is why I was excited for a second, thinking this dusty gray was the kit color.

  30. I completely understand. I honestly can't find many kits that are Gundam that I would like straight out of the box without paint

  31. Id highly recommend that line of kits. I built the byakuchi and it is fantastic. Color separation is excellent where it matters and all the color correcting stickers could be painted in extremely easily.

  32. They will be getting custom color paint jobs . I really like the design of these Mechs a lot

  33. That's awesome I have 2 of the kits and may pick up another. I'm excited to get started on it tonight

  34. I just built this, I didn’t even recognize it until I saw the wrists. Stellar work

  35. Appreciate that! Still have more of a transformation to do so hope you keep a look out for it when it's finished!

  36. No, this is a 1/100 Master Grade Freedom 2.0

  37. Damn, this looks amazing. Teach me how to photograph like this 😭

  38. Lol, a Amazon light box and a DSLR camera with a decent lens. My camera skills are entry level. Thank you though!

  39. Still a lot of work to be done, but quite happy with current progress considering it’s only my second attempt at a gunpla and likely first I’ll finish. I do kind of wish I hadn’t started with some washes on the waist, as now I have to do the rest or strip them back :)

  40. Time to do a light weathering or just strip it down

  41. Man I was legit just looking HG at getting this kit about 30 minutes ago. So pricey for a HG kit.

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