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  1. An Akai mpk or M-Audio mini is pretty cheap

  2. I’d bet Trump policies actively hurt this buy while Biden helps him

  3. Awesome! In the latest V6 update? Or previous versions too? I'm still in v5

  4. Any version, go to the presonus hub and download the vu meter update

  5. depends on what type. There’s synthesized kicks like from the Roland 808, also real kick drums miked different ways, all the classic drum machine kicks like linndrum, etc., and drums sampled off records like James Brown breaks etc. And of course, most of those on Splice are created by layering many of those together with saturation, envelope shaping, filtering, pitching etc.

  6. You need all solutions working together. Not everyone working in TO lives close to TTC

  7. That’s why we need to expand it

  8. Let’s make overdraft fees illegal

  9. But you can simply request to turn off overdraft coverage. It's a service that lets you spend money you don't have on the caveat that you have to pay for the use of those funds.

  10. Because the major scale is king, and the chromatic scale is derived from that, via the circle of fifths, in order to play the major scale in any key.

  11. Yes it’s really bizarre, and kind of sad. Ok some people won’t make it at home, but can’t someone compete with Tim’s offering something better quality?

  12. That’s because for many reasons conditions over the past several decades have made it increasingly more difficult to make a small business so they legitimately can’t compete. Why do you think places like Amazon lobby for increased minimum wage, instead of just increasing their own wages without lobbying?

  13. Right so we need to make it easier to exploit labour so small business owners can live their dream

  14. Mariska Hargitay’s mom? I’m sure Jayne Mansfield is much more famous than her daughter

  15. Considering a bad CEO can, in the worst case, bankrupt a company and carries a lot more responsibility with regards to present and future strategy than the average worker, they should receive a lot more compensation than the average worker.

  16. And how much do bankrupting CEOs make?

  17. That’s the great part, the shareholders get paid first, and if there’s anything left, it disappears in to the mysterious abyss of accounting and you get fuck all when a company goes under.


  19. “Huh?” Lol guy is living like it’s 1991 and no idea what game we’re in

  20. The problem is unions work out good contracts for existing workers with exceptions for new hires

  21. For 0.000022675736961 seconds, yes

  22. We laugh but there’s serious brain damage going on here

  23. That was the point. The study was biased. They wanted a crazed psychopath to enforce the narrative that mj is no good. Did you notice how many of the emotions cards are negative?

  24. 1 joint today is way stronger than 3 joints back then

  25. …umm not sure what to tell you. This is exactly a clone of the Juno 60 in every sense of the word

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