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  1. Ive been out of the loop. Has there been another season in the park since Dunsworth passed?

  2. Nah, hasn’t been much of anything. They released a live show since then that was filmed before Lahey passed then they had that jail season on swearnet that was okay.

  3. I think Ricky becoming a grandpa should have been a really big "alright boys we had a good run" sign

  4. Yeah, but instead it just became another hilarious word for him to say wrong...

  5. Can’t wait till there’s five of um

  6. Again, what does the Butters episode (s05e14) have to do with this promo?

  7. It’s in the promo...? I don’t understand what you’re asking. The butters episode is in the promo. The reason it’s in the promo I couldn’t tell you. They probably just used a random clip from an old episode like I already said.

  8. There is not a single solitary second of footage from the Butters episode (s05e14) in that promo

  9. I never said it did? I said the Butters episode used in the promo was like 18 years old which it is. It’s from the Death of Eric Cartman (2005). No one said anything about Butters Very Own Episode besides you. That episodes a good few years older than 18 years ago so idk why you even thought that’s the one I was talking about.

  10. I love the song but what the fuck were they thinking?

  11. Probably, "Let's just have a little bit of fun with a local school, because that's wholesome, and there's no way that a bunch of grumpy, cynical dickheads will ever interpret it as anything else... Right?"

  12. Yeah but those dances are dumb as hell. If they were dancing normal it wouldn’t be so unwatchable.

  13. “Don’t worry, cum...I’ll get you out of there.”

  14. Can we ban any posts mentioning this guy?

  15. I'm not super invested in these characters, but they are decent protagonists. I do want them to succeed and find happiness. They're definitely more intriguing than post-Child's Play 3 Andy but less so than Nica. What I didn't like about season 2 is how prominent the legacy characters are and how it took attention away from the trio. The teens are the center of the show (besides the Chuckster) so they shouldn't be overshadowed by characters who got their time to shine in the movies.

  16. I like Lexy and Jake. I think Devons boring and the show would be the same without him.

  17. Freddy was only explicitly a sexual predator in the remake, Robert Englund's Freddy was only ever a child murderer, if that makes any difference.

  18. He was a pedophile in the original series, too. They just weren’t as heavy handed with it.

  19. I remember when I first saw this song title, I thought it would be a warm pop punk type song about how awesome San Diego is.

  20. I remember when I first read the title Sober and thought it would be a super deep, dark song about addiction and the struggles of getting sober.

  21. I remember being a Tom fan boy and try to discredit everything blink has done with skiba.

  22. Where exactly are you getting your assumptions, guy? lol I love Skiba and was pissed when he got booted.

  23. I like most of the Skiba era but never liked this song.

  24. What the fuck? The music videos are FINISHED but the songs are not recorded?

  25. Let me just add, I know that Tom had his skin cancer around 2011 and Travis had the accident happen in 2008 but I still feel factoring in all the other things that have happened in more recent years too we might get a really dark record.

  26. But on the flip side of that, Tom and Travis both got married and Mark beat cancer.

  27. Yeah that's true. Idk maybe I'm just hoping for a dark record cos I personally feel that's when Mark and Tom shine best as songwriters, when they get into that really dark territory. Stockholm Syndrome is a perfect example!

  28. Yeah I agree with that. Those are the songs I like the best. I don’t really know what to expect from them at this point though so I’m pretty much going in with no expectations. Best way to not be disappointed lol

  29. the people who hate on 2 hate how homo-erotic it is. its a fantastic film and the last time freddy was truly horrific before becoming a comedian. glad Wes brought the horror back with New Nightmare

  30. I’m fine with homo-erotic, I just don’t think it’s nearly as good as 1, 3, or New Nightmare. I’d probably rank it 4th or 5th tho below or above part 4.

  31. “And the lords of the underworld” and “shit”

  32. Gotta share this. My wife and I were trying to have a baby and were having difficulties. So one day my wife calls my supervisor and asks her to send me home because she's ovulating. And she (supervisor) did!

  33. Have you tried sticking your wiener in her?

  34. Without actually counting, I would assume that since they released 2 albums without Tom, Mark will have more.

  35. I feel like they only had two actual hits while Tom was gone, though.

  36. It’s always bugged me, what did they change about Ross to make him Russ? Is it just a wig? Why do I feel like his lips are different

  37. That’s not Ross, that’s Russ. You can clearly see them both in the same shot!

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