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  1. Probably going to make a DOT-focused Mag-DPS guy

  2. Removed and a ban (7 days) to go along with it

  3. Omg she is the worst. And the worst part is i doubt i can get rid of her because i don't even have the High Isle DLC.

  4. Even if you have the DLC and do the quest, she pops up here every now and then unless you finish the ENTIRE questline.

  5. Nah. You should hit around 85-90k if you don’t use any light attacks whatsoever and just use skills.

  6. Those are Meridia's Colored Rooms, tho. We also visit them at the end of the Depths of Malatar dungeon.

  7. I pretty much agree with the sentiment. I utterly despise weaving and bar-swapping, and all of what it involves.

  8. Yeah... Event rewards this year seem to be by far the worst looking ones.

  9. And yet the Q1 personality seemed to be bugged in the female character model.

  10. Eso no los haría simplemente pokefilicos? :v

  11. También pedofilos por gustarles entrenadoras pokemon qué técnicamente son niñas

  12. Alduin looks like the kind of guy who’s surprisingly nice to girls, in spite of his rep. Party Snacks looks like the type of dude to explain to you why he’s only racist and homophobic because it’s logical.

  13. They're both gay, so I guess it balances it out?

  14. El ingrediente secreto de la Coca-Cola son bebes muertos copia y pega esta verdad

  15. Markarth seems to do much better under Nord control, and Solitude remained in good shape. But Dragon Bridge really went down the drain.

  16. -Thizzrini Arena questline. TOO MANY loading screens.

  17. That's it, between the wedding trellis and lanterns, plus the statues, adding some rugs, 150K spent in a blink :x

  18. No garcias mi primo se consiguió una y ahora estoy lleno de sobrinos lejanos 💀

  19. niger, un país al lado de nigeria, chad, argelia, libia, entre otros paises

  20. Hi, Elsweyr dev here, I am the one most vagued about with this statement you hold ;) I'll do my best to answer, but as a preface: "dev hate for ESO" is not unanimous. We are teams of individuals with individual opinions on lore from each game, who organise together and have to make decisions for our mod sometimes. This will be my own opinion and it is not indicative of all choices made on BS:Elsweyr, as these are made as a team.

  21. Omn1 says:

    It's a third not wanting to change existing content, a third legitimate complaints about ESO writing, and a third sheer pretension.

  22. I'd say that sheer pretension makes the 90% of it, actually.

  23. Is she still in the crown store? I may just have to get her if I have enough hoarded ESO+ crowns.

  24. She costs 2500 crowns, and it's up for 5 days or so.

  25. Here we have her on the lavishly decorated house in Lion's Cradle. I had to hide/replace most, if not all the rotten wood.

  26. That doesn't stop my Dragonborn to become thane, marry the beefy Scouts and move in with him to Hjerim.

  27. If not a Dunmer then she is... An orsimer with no tusks?

  28. Half Orc/ Half Breton? or Half Orc/Half Dunmer, perhaps?

  29. Necrom is within House Indoril territory, I think. We may see perhaps some sort of conflict between the aforementioned House (the backbone of the Pact Dunmer, alongside House Redoran) and the unaligned Telvanni.

  30. Bottom of deadlands stairs :)

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