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  1. I took an hourly bump, but for me, working a public school district, I was EXTREMELY limited to the hours appropriated to my position. Like my contracted hours were 22.5 a week or whatever it was, and if I even came close to surpassing that HR was all over me. So in the end it wasn't worth it. I did it for 6 month and went back to my old gig and made more money.

  2. This is what I've always said "coming behind".. also, the ensuing jokes are always good fun.

  3. I just got some pork belly from Costco to try these tomorrow! Any tips or a recipe you care to share?

  4. I know!!! I'm really just dumbfounded that he sold them to me for the price.

  5. I think he got them for finishing the program.. he saw them as being part of the tuition.

  6. Anybody else think Bruce Almighty saying "Errrrosssion"?

  7. Okay so this video is life changing for me. Here j am, never able to stretch my dough without a sticky mess. I did NOT realize I could flour so liberally…

  8. Conversely, there is about 10x as much flour on that table as you actually need to stretch a dough.

  9. Well yes, because he’s not stretching a dough, he’s stretching many doughs, this is a commercial operation. If he was doing just one dough, he clearly would not have dumped 5kg of flour onto his counter to use for stretching.

  10. However, to the comment OPs point.. it is probably refreshing to know you can dunk a pizza skin in a bowl of flour. You don't have to try and "sprinkle" it and struggle to stretch it.

  11. Nice kit! What is that small knife on the left?

  12. It's actually just a fixed blade picket knife. I've always had a folding pocket knife, and recently wanted to try carrying a fixed blade. Turns out I don't really love it, so I put it in my roll for breaking down boxes or whatever I don't want to use a kitchen knife on. It's the CRKT Testy.

  13. What's with the one spoon?

  14. I've never needed a plating spoon (still dont) but we use a lot of spoons at my pizzeria to help place toppings on pizzas. This one spoon went through the dish machine and the metal turned all rainbow colored. It just looked dope, so I told my boss I was putting it in my roll haha. Maybe one day I'll need a plating spoon or something and will have one with a little flair.

  15. You purposely saved this video for 4/20, didn't you? Well played.

  16. Had a coworker tell me they are made of glycerin or something? Any merit to that?

  17. This is so dumb. Idk, maybe I'm not patriotic. The ovefly ceremonious movement is stupid.

  18. I'm definitely mad at the concept of a guy going "I'm an alcoholic so people who can control themselves around alcohol are creating a toxic workplace environment by...drinking off the clock"

  19. Couldn't of said it better myself 👌

  20. Minced shallot, garlic. Saute. Deglaze with whiskey. Add whole grain mustard and heavy cream. Season to taste.

  21. Professional line cook of 15 years here.. that board would of slid regardless.

  22. Ontario rat is my favorite knife man I had mine for years and just got a new one

  23. It's honestly one of the best for the price. Holds up compared to knives way outside it's price point.

  24. This Morakniv (any really.) You'll never get a better value, and if you SOMEHOW manage to break it (plz tell me the story if you do) it's so cheap to replace. I carry it on my belt and have never had any issues, would definitely fit in Chef pants pockets.

  25. Definitely love the price factor and not needing to worry about babying it. Good shout.

  26. yeah, I'm pretty sure a New Yorker has never seen a homeless person or weirdo.

  27. OP never said they live in New York.. and the point remains.. where's the harm is bringing to light the reality of the city they're traveling to?

  28. You don't even know what the reality is. You said you've only seen it on TV.

  29. I simply said media, which accounts for many first hand interactions, not just whatever agenda is being pushed through some local news station that every one is assuming I watch.

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