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  1. Does he even celebrate it? Can’t imagine the memories tied to it are too good

  2. imagine this is the last thing you see before your life changes forever

  3. don’t forget the “yew put me awn hold for 30 seconds to see if fawkin Rawwwd texted yew!”

  4. he’s not nearly as invested as he was with the Ramona, back then there was no doubt she’s real and he 100% believed in their future. Nowadays he half believes and mostly tries to kill his boredom

  5. a surprising amount of human trash dudes wife up a down syndrome girl, maybe Lorne could do that but considering animal abuse is illegal I doubt he’d pull it off

  6. I know it's really confusing. Bloody confusing!

  7. Blueboy confirmed that this did happened, he approached an employee and asked if she wanted to make extra money. He was referring to helping with something else but of course Lorne is brain dead and has no social awareness.

  8. what could he be referring to? He makes no money himself so what great opportunity does he have to offer these girls? Dude just wants a prawstitoot to suck him awf so he can get over all cawd dam bullchit Zavier has been pulling on him

  9. Wow never talking to a man again after reading this

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