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  1. I have tried both .. I would say to the average person it is non existent.. to the nerd that is ready to spend a lot of time you can fine some Difference but not enough to say that one is better . They are both a 85 in my books .. the quality/price makes it a 85 ..

  2. Batch 13 is so good I got 4 bottles extra after tasting my first order ! It’s amazing

  3. And the 2022 bottling is actually pretty good .. very viscous and so satisfying

  4. Signet ! Let it open up and enjoy the flavours .. if you are a “ nerd” go signet .. if you want smooth go rare cask .. but for value.. signet

  5. Like for sale as I don’t see it on the web site should I go check rn

  6. Most places in Alberta was more expensive than that… Plus tax plus shipping… Very rare win for the LCBO

  7. True. But still feels wrong. Think this is the first time I’m skipping Cairdeas in 8 years of getting them.

  8. Black art 4.1 picked up at a duty free airport last year .. yes there was some Dust on it

  9. I massively overpaid for Ardcore, AT A BAR, and it was only $300. This is pure insanity.

  10. Yup! I wanted the bottle and was afraid LCBO wouldn’t get it. I don’t regret it but yeah, feels bad paying so much extra haha

  11. 4 is wonderful but has pretty much been sold through at this point, as are the older 1-3, 7-9 are all nice and should be on the shelves though. 5 is fine but is probably the worst. 6 is better but 7 onward have been better.

  12. I found a 4 this year in April with a octomore 7.1 .. you have to shop and pray

  13. If you can find a 4.1 I would go for that .. the octomore option is a great one but totally different whisky .. non peated to super peated .. all about preferences! Cheers

  14. Glenfarclas 15, then maybe Talisker 10 or Springbank 10

  15. Glenfarclas 105 over here ! Puts a guy in its place pretty fast ! Haha

  16. The amount of respect I have for you sir is through the roof… The fact that you’re not holding that bottle hostage is fantastic to see !! Good for you and Sláinte

  17. I saw it last week as well… I purchased it knowing that I might return it after checking out if the price was right… At the LCBO this is approximately 80% overpriced from what I can see in the markets out there…

  18. Thanks for the heads up. I know Glen Scotia is doing a rebrand. Is it the new bottle or old ones still?

  19. Even a certain restaurant/pub that might be a ardbeg distributor takes there prices out to lunch … arrrdbeg for 400+tax … like are you serious ! They should loose there right to even be called a ardbeg committee place in Canada 🤢

  20. I think we are going to start with a Glen Scotia 15 , tamdhu batch 6 , and finish with a glenfarclas 105…gonna stay off the peat today

  21. If you are going the shipping way get the 8 and corry … do not buy the corry at the LCBO .. that’s just insane … lag 12 is a great juice ! Cheers

  22. ABV and age statement + Single Cask apparently makes the LCBO chiefs think that this is what it's worth. WRONG. This is corporate greed. Plain and simple. I hope all of you think long and hard before using gift cards on this, because no f'ing way I'm paying that kind of price when I can easily get Abund'h for far cheaper, and at cask strength. Don't pay these kinds of prices.

  23. You can tell that they put a $20,000 bill towards that bottle because they had to fly up there and pay for their expenses to justify the price

  24. It says right there on the canister "exclusively selected and bottled for Canada", translates to " suckers there will overpay for mediocre whiskey "

  25. I’m sure the juice is great … for a 150$ range ..450$… no thank you that’s macallan rare cask range

  26. It’s the 2021 diageo Release with the lion… Not the old style version

  27. I was so sad to find this out... ordered one and already had the lion. Oh well now I have 2.

  28. It’s definitely not a bad bottle to have a spare one… It is still fantastic juice

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