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  1. I thought these were an urban shoe myth!

  2. Some of the people we are hiring this day and age amaze me, how do they dress themselves in the morning and find their way to work? Some people don’t even have basic computer skills, Wtf?

  3. Empathy man, have some. I used to work with a woman who returned to the workforce after raising 3 kids. She could not use excel and struggled with technology. BUT she was bright and an amazing team player. Everyone has something to bring to the table. This I believe with every fibre of my being. It just takes the right environment for people to flourish.

  4. Sorry, I don’t have the info you are asking for. It is some sort of engineered hardwood.

  5. Hi! Definitely the 2nd one, it matches the space, the couch and it looks better for some reason. Also your couch is beautiful, where did you get it?

  6. A Canadian department store called The Bay. It is a Natuzzi Editions sofa.

  7. I don’t see this as her needing validation. I see this as her wanting something (a deep connection with someone) in concept — but being unable to be vulnerable enough to accomplish that in reality.

  8. I have a tendency to do this. And I think you have experienced this too. Tips on how to overcome it?

  9. As in, you’re the person who pulls away? Not to be glib, but, therapy. If that’s not realistic, read books about emotions, attachment styles, vulnerability.

  10. This is so good. Kudos to the parents for creating an environment where this conversation could take place the way it did.

  11. “…and down its limbs like tinsel the bullshit rolls to me”. 😂

  12. Buy a mini DASH waffle maker from Amazon. I bought mine for $ 20 CAD and will be buying it as X-mas gift for others. Works great. Super easy and fun to use, and it’s very easy to clean.

  13. I’m surprised how little attention that word generated. I almost fell off my chair when I arrived to that word. Sincerely grateful to OP for the good laugh ☺️

  14. I’m an unemployed solutions architect, who did a lot of ETL work. I can help train you if the job is remote and you have some availability. Let me know

  15. This is so very kind. Hope the good karma will circle back your way.

  16. Many friends of mine have passed through SSC with negative experiences...

  17. I want to make these! Could you give a tutorial? It would be awesome if you posted a YouTube video of one being made.

  18. Good listening skills and confidence. The second one might not seem important, but try giving power to someone who is insecure.

  19. Oi! My boss is an insecure person who was given power. Not good. No no no no. (I know what you meant though and could not agree more. Empowering the shy person, the one who doesn’t speak up, the one who lacks confidence.)

  20. Thanks, I'm currently doing EMDR. Progress has been slow and my psychologist will be reassessing soon whether to continue with this technique or use another approach. I will ask her about CBT and NLP.

  21. Thank you for posting about this. I also struggle with this and have done Toastmasters, taken beta blockers as needed, and sought counselling. Nothing helped. When I have to speak, my brain is overwhelmed with anxiety and my higher cognitive functions shut down. I sound like an incoherent idiot in meetings and am viewed as such. Showing up to work and dealing with the fallouts of this makes my work-life miserable. It’s been going on for decades and am just so sad and tired and heartbroken.

  22. Op whats ur email? I don’t have much as an EC-02 but i got paid today and would love to etransfer you a lil something to help you through this difficult day ❤️

  23. We fired someone on probation. It wasn’t easy. Weeks of LR meetings and a ton of documentations

  24. Was it fully justified? Or was there an element of hate there rooted in bruised or threatened ego?

  25. Good call on talking to the ethics guy. This country recognizes second citizenships, so no need to relinquish the current one. Thanks for your insights and recommendations

  26. I have dual citizenship. Declared it on my security application. Has not been an issue.

  27. Joinpoint analysis software by NIH. Look into it. User friendly and well accepted. You can get the average annual percent change and whether the trend is statistically significant or not.

  28. Does that software allow for comparison between two or more groups?

  29. I believe it was specifically designed for trends analysis. It fits sophisticated regression models to test for trends over time. So I don’t believe you can use it to test for differences between groups.

  30. I would not ask for details. The act of asking will show that you lack trust. I always use this type of leave honestly ( for kid or elderly parent) and my manager never asks for details. If he did, I would feel yucky about it. If you fully trusted the employee, the question would not even arise in your head. If you ask the question you will demonstrate your lack of trust and no employee will feel great knowing that their boss has doubts about their character.

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