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  1. It's pretty safe. My friend was lost in the city late one night, and a group of people approached her to ask if she needed help. They walked her the 2 miles to her rental and denied any sort of payment and compensation. I couldn't find my taxi I ordered one day, and a guy approached me while talking on the phone with his son who spoke English. He got us squared away and gave us a ride to Durrës with a discount we refused. I noticed people are pretty quick to help tourists.

  2. As someone who has been to albania many times and who lives in the balkans, no tirana and the balkans in general are way safer than most people think especialy capital cities like tirana.

  3. Use Minoan to send the package as unaccompanied. Somebody will have to physically go to Piraeus and receive it, of course.

  4. Find someone that frequently travels from Crete to Athens with a van or a truck, and ask him to carry your carpet.

  5. Weird question to ask given that you are an actual Bulgarian???

  6. I am automatically supposed to know every single place in Bulgaria?

  7. No, you're supposed to know that your country is not dangerous in that way, and you're not getting jumped just because of passing through a specific neighborhood. Overall it was just a very либерала от квартала type question. Stupid imho.

  8. Check my edit and you'll understand where I'm coming from

  9. Oh, wow! The service, that I use from UK to Bulgaria is 1€ per kilo and they deliver in 4 days or sth...

  10. Don't punish it if it pees on the walls/floors. Cats do it by instinct, due to intense stress, not on purpose. Find out what is causing the stress, instead of pushing the poor soul's head in the urine, like I see many people do. And in general, whenever you see odd or bad behaviour, research what might be causing it. Cats never do stuff to make you mad intentionally.

  11. I don't think it's your fault that someone snapped at a video game argument. When someone is this mentally unstable, anything could trigger them.

  12. I'm learning with it right now and like it a lot tbh. I'm half-way through the tree and everything seems structured and logical. But here's what worked for me:

  13. Not sure about duolingo as I am not really familiar with challenges on it, but you can always join the

  14. Hi guys! My username is codingpokemon and I'm looking for people, who are currently learning Greek, like me.

  15. Serious question: did they go into all the rooms and check to see if everything was the way they wanted it to be?

  16. No, not at all. They just sat down with me in the kitchen, to chat a bit about life and stuff and have a cup of tea/coffee. They always came with a small gift or sweets, too. So it's more of a "let's catch up and see if the apartment is in one piece" thing, rather than checking if every vase is in its place. My current landlord, hasn't even come by in a year. She invites me at her place for a coffe or a glass of wine every now and then to see how I'm doing. Usually people are very kind and understanding, I think this clause is there just in case or smth.

  17. Yup pretty normal. I've had this clause in all of my rent contracts so far. But none of the landlords ever took advantage of it, to be honest. They just came by for a cup of coffee once every 6-7 months.

  18. Keep in mind, that the price for a decent studio or 1-bedroom appartment, is min 200 euro without expenses. Unless you want to be in the neighbourhoods, that are the furthest from the city centre. And that is the price for a long-term rent contract (1 or 2 years min). When you only rent for 1 month - the price is usually doubled.

  19. Hi, the first one is called Baclofen, the other one - BiProfenid. And I have Pulcet, that I have to take 30 minutes before breakfast, to help with the side effects from them, since I have gastritis and gastroesophageal reflux.

  20. Something, that I specifically told them not to get me, because I hate it. They got it anyway.

  21. I think you can find a really good job with nice salary in Athens considering your experience. I'm a SD also so let me know if I can help you.

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