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My Costco hotdog story.

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  1. Double check that you can go solo before you show up. Clubs in my area won't let women in without a male escort. They say it's to prevent prostitution, but that makes no sense, so idk.

  2. This is what I come here for, stories with wholesome happy endings… not stories about cum jars.

  3. Mother fucker, I can't read the comments anymore, because every single post now references the cum jar!! Someone needs to make a bot that dm's you to let people know it's safe after the cum jar hasn't been mentioned in any thread for at least a week or two.

  4. When walking, I am NEVER the one to move out of a man's way. There's no reason a man needs the whole side walk/ hallway. He can stick to his side and I will stick to mine, but the amount of shoulders I have bumped is ridiculous

  5. Same here. The amount of shoulder checking is ridiculous...and then the way they look at me afterward, as if they've just noticed that I exist and am close enough for them to bump into!

  6. I'm almost 40 and still get asked for nudes all the time. I'm not sure it ever ends.

  7. Good idea, we will be putting up a sign tonight that also says “Do NOT open the door” along with that information.

  8. Better change it to "Do Not Knock On The Door." No sense in advertising your door is open, even if you don't live in a high crime area.

  9. Enough with the damn jar, we're all traumatized enough from the first post about it!!!!

  10. There are also tiktok videos of people saying that vaccines in general gave their kids autism. Just because someone posts it online doesn't make it true. Don't believe everything you see online, and don't ever accept medical advice from a tiktok.

  11. Thank you! You’re 100% right! My friends are convinced it was sexual though because of some pictures I was showing them (how the conversation came up) and said I was dressed provocatively.

  12. When my son was around 3 or 4, he stood in front of me completely naked right after getting out of the bath, and told me he wanted to marry me when he grew up.

  13. Loving the "Morons" suggestion by another person....and as an alternative, for $50 you could buy your own letters and write anything you want.

  14. Yeah I am a big supporter of assisted suicide, particularly if there's an ethics board involved as well (so you don't necessarily have to have a terminal/debilitating illness, but you can't just get it on a whim)

  15. Word. But if you are terminal, you should get an automatic approval, no questions asked. Just, "Yeah, for sure. Let us know when you're ready and we'll make a house call. Have your whole family there or go out solo, it's entirely up to you."

  16. You still would like a review board in place just to make sure that it really is the person's choice, and not a result of pressure by the family to just get them out of the way.

  17. Fair point, but how do you make sure without at least, bare minimum, a month or two of 1-on-1 therapy sessions? What would be the ideal balance between making sure their desires are sincere, and not making them wait any longer than absolutely necessary?

  18. Some are actively trying to make it legal

  19. My eyebrows are blond and I have fair skin, I look like I shave my eyebrows because they are camouflaged so well

  20. I'm not fair skinned, but my eyebrows are the exact same color as my skin. I refuse to leave the house without filling in my brows, or else I get weird looks and have been asked why I shaved them off a few times. I don't even pluck them.

  21. Yes but i don't have to shut my eyes. And can do it it for like 10 seconds

  22. Your sister sounds like a hot mess. Must run in the least she isn't a closet pedo who comments on reddit about how "most people" find 11 year old little girls in bikinis sexy because it's not a switch that you can just turn off.

  23. And like, have they seen their own penis/balls/hairy butthole???? Do some self reflection.

  24. But men are supposed to be hairy and smelly and gross! Women Girls are supposed to be smooth and hairless and smell like sugar cookies and look exactly like the photoshopped and surgically altered porn stars! I mean, really....if a man is kind enough to go down on a girl, is it too much to ask that she be completely hair-free, tiny labia, perfectly pink, smell like unicorn farts, and taste like vanilla ice cream?? It's the least she could do!!!

  25. Well, shit. I gotta own my hypocrisy here. I'm a retired model, and constantly see stuff online about how my natural body type is fake, not a real woman, nobody actually looks like that, etc...and it always irritates me.

  26. I was at Costco yesterday and I think I could be wrong but I think they were $1.99.

  27. I was about to get in the car and drive my ass right back out to Costco which is like 5 miles away (Sure any reason to go to fucking Costco and I’ve been there like three days in a row 😋) but there’s this…

  28. I'd take em out but the arthritis just keeps my hands from working. I barely changed my depends!

  29. Oh, just let the nurses take care of it! What's the point of living in the old folks' home if we have to do everything ourselves? Now come on, let's go to the dayroom so we can watch The Lawrence Welk Show!

  30. Ahem. Come to the old Crones’ Home. We will watch Daria and have nightly sing alongs to Doll Parts.

  31. Oh, fuck yeah! Daria is way better than Lawrence Welk.

  32. It helps if you and your partner both understand that while you may not be getting a paycheck for your time, being a stay at home parent is absolutely still work. You're still contributing to the household, just not monetarily. I've been a stay at home mom for the past decade-ish, and my husband routinely will comment on how grateful he is for all of the things I do to make life run smoothly, he doesn't know how I manage to do it all, etc. Every time we go over our finances, he'll point out that he's lucky that I get to stay at home because it ends up saving us so much money. (I have mad budgeting skills, plus the whole reason I stay home is because childcare costs are through the fucking roof, and the amount of money I would make is basically equal to the cost of childcare.)

  33. This is very helpful, thank you! I think that's what I'm struggling with, seeing myself as someone who now will have to be taken care of. I've always been fiercely independent, so this is something I'm struggling with.

  34. When you start doubting yourself, sit down and make a list of everything that you do for your family/future. The big stuff like making a whole ass human being inside of you and then squeezing it out, all the way down to little things like cleaning toothpaste blobs out of the sink. It's always going to be a hell of a lot longer list than you realize, and might help you to visually understand that you're still pulling your weight - you just work as an unpaid volunteer for a non-profit, lol. Plus you said you'd be getting a is that not working for the betterment of your family and future??

  35. Gay couple? Op and wife rob banks as a side hustle and they're more used to calling her "partner in crime?" Partner and wife are actually different women? Partner is actually the name of their pet cat, which would explain the cat polishing cream?

  36. Doesn't explain wife in one post partner in this one.

  37. Considering it's a retaining wall, if you plan on pressure washing them regularly from now on, it's best if you don't use the turbo tip and spray them all willy-nilly. Even though they're thick cuts, you're still destroying the wood....over time and with repeated washings, you'll start to see them breaking down much faster than they should. You want the green tip, and always go with the grain. You could also apply a clear sealant to help avoid needing to pressure wash.

  38. Yeah I know, she is lucky but it still sucks. America is fucked up with its working "laws". No leave, no support, overtime is expected and now you can't even get abortion at some places. I would just move at this point or have no kids.

  39. Oh, no...I fully agree it sucks major ass, just pointing out how shitty it is that 12 weeks is considered lucky.

  40. Yeah. My boss expected me back Monday after giving birth Friday. He tried hard to say I could be back Saturday and just sit on a cushion

  41. Should have shoved a watermelon up his ass and then offered him a cushion to sit on.

  42. And octomom had octuplets in 2009. Neither of which happened in the 1700s when medical care consisted of, "You've got ghosts in your blood and you should do opium and mercury about it."

  43. Yeah....4 sets of quadruplets in the 1700s? Even giving birth to a single kid was a much greater death risk than it is now. Quadruplets seems like an almost guaranteed death sentence for the mother and the babies.

  44. I call TikTok “clock tock”, or when they are playing online on the ps5 I ask them if “they’re on the line” Edit: I’m only 34 so they know I’m having them on but the eye rolls from the 13 yr old girl make it worth it 😂

  45. My husband and I both use "The TikToks." Like...."Oh, that's so funny! Did you find that on The TikToks?" Also The Instagrams, The Twitters, The Snapchats, etc. Drives our 14 year old niece up the fucking wall.

  46. I understand responses like these, because the anger about people in general not doing better is real...but they're unhelpful at best, and can sometimes cause more harm. Some people, if told that, will just shrug their shoulder and say that if you're going to be such an ass about it, then why bother in the first place. People learn and grow through support and teaching, not cliché responses about not getting cookies. It's 5th grade level snark, at best.

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