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  1. On the flip side I’ve never understood the hype over TJs, for me it’s just an expensive Aldi :) but in all seriousness, Trader Joe’s is owned by Aldi so it makes sense that they’re reminiscent of each other.

  2. Trader Joe's really isn't that expensive, they are cheaper on a lot of stuff than others. I prefer the curated frozen sections of Trader Joe's over Aldi.

  3. Almost bought them, but I just had Trader Joe's Inside out Carrot Cookies 2 weeks before that, so just got another helping of 7 layer bars. Can't say you can lose either way.

  4. Definitely better than copilot. I only used it a little bit today but I have nothing bad to say about it so far.

  5. Have you used Copilot Labs? It's got some slick features that seem comparable to Code interpreter

  6. It's not just an Aldi problem, it's happening at many places. I was in Target a few days ago, they had thrown away a ton of vegetables because they were spoiling. Was at my favorite Asian market the week before, vegetables weren't spoiled, but were dirty, and some bok choy had dead bugs that had to be cleaned off.

  7. These are just Fiber One in a different box. Exact same thing I buy from Amazon, box shape, wrapper, flavor are all the same.

  8. The government of China has a lot of goals they never ever meet

  9. Can't wait to see who is the first to fall down those steps

  10. As soon as DeSantis announces he is running, you can guarantee a massive flip flop on Medicare and Social security. There's no way he enters the primaries and tells the olds at the debates that he is cutting their retirement benefits.

  11. I hate Chris Christie and goddamn he'd be such a better president than DeSantis or Trump.

  12. The problem with Christie is he'll always have bridgegate hanging around his neck. He's also known to be lazy and in over his head, and the waistline doesn't help his image.

  13. It becomes more and more apparent every week that the AEW fans here are completely different from the AEW fans who buy tickets.

  14. That's the same with every fan subreddit. Redditors hate the games that sell the most copies, football fans shit on their team all day long but the arena is sold-out every show. Everything sucks on Reddit, but you wouldn't know it looking elsewhere.

  15. I have it at about 80-20% in favor of FTR, but will be very nervous seeing that match lol

  16. They could potentially use FTR in ROH to help build the new show up, so that raises the chances of them losing to 50/50 for me. And they could always work out a new storyline where they can come back if they go through a series of hoops to get back in, or don't be men of their word and come back as heels with MJF, since the Pinnacle never technically broke up.

  17. Don’t be fooled by the single bite.. I’ve eaten four of these.

  18. All of Costco's mini cakes surprise me how they get them baked just right. Red velvet is the same, moist, has enough flavor without making you hate sweets just after a couple bites, and their special cream cheese frosting to top it off.

  19. They are called mini cakes. They are about the size of their muffins they sell.

  20. Honestly I would keep your money. Until they raise the cap on GPT-4, the only advantage is a faster ChatGPT 3.5. Bing Chat on Edge is the superior model currently, but if the cap is lifted, I'd go back to Plus for anything that doesn't need live search information.

  21. Everyone answered your question about putting them on Github. I personally would not use any WGU names or class numbers, but make it public. Most class instructors want you to make them public, but don't advertise them as your class project with a specific course number. There are options to give passwords for your repos which can go into the resume as well, but I doubt most people viewing your resume will go to an extra effort to find the password.

  22. They designed it to be mindless fun running through dungeons, but added the worst MMO aspects. No couch coop or offline soloing hurts my excitement for the game.

  23. Hopefully they sort out the bandwidth issues soon, very frustrating being on a paid account and running out of prompts, when half of those prompts were just "continue".

  24. Unfortunately their free users providing free training data is probably more valuable than those of us using the Plus version.

  25. In my experience, Bing has been garbage. Tried it again just now and I was stuck in an infinite loop of "Sign in to chat" then "Start chatting" even though I was signed in.

  26. One thing to note is that Bard is not Google's best LLM.

  27. Put potential in big quotes. OpenAI has multiple released UI's you can use and interact with, and other companies have integreated into their own software. Google has nothing but an awful Google Assistant and Bard. I'll believe the words of the guys who have released their product to the masses over some speculative hype about a garbage company.

  28. That was LambDa AI, Bard is a different chatbot. Maybe that ones more powerful and the public isn't ready for that lol.

  29. Bard uses laMDA on the backend. And if you use the LaMBDA in the AI test kitchen, it's as bad as Bard.

  30. The republicans seem to be in a bit of a pickle. Trump polls super strong with hardcore republicans, but moderate republicans and indipendents seem very over it. That means he is highly likely to win the nomination, but unlikely to win the general election. Republicans would probably like to run a different candidate, but how do they get rid of trump without enraging the hardcore base. Tricky.

  31. They;d be best being silent and letting the multiple investigations and lawsuits into Trump go on without a hitch, criminalize him in front of the party as a failure.

  32. My opinion is that Baidu have realised the safety issues that have come to light since the launch of ChatGPT and cancelled the launch date.

  33. making stuff up as we go? Google already released their AI competitor to the public via a beta, it's called Bard.

  34. Not sure about the destroying art question.

  35. When I was working out 2 hours a day every day for a while to win a bet, I felt like I was fucking ON DRUGS when I was doing cardio. High as shit. You have to push yourself though.

  36. Most people don't make it to the euphoric part where exercise no longer feels like an exhausting burden. They start, feel pain and huff and puff so hard their lungs feel like they are being choked to death. Next day their legs are sore as hell, so they stop for a week, try again, and have the same thing over and over. Also, people don't research exercise, they buy ill-fitting shoes or a cheap Wal-Mart bike, and expect to be elite after 2 weeks.

  37. Reddit has a weird fetish for "JUST WORK OUT BRO" being the magical solution to fix literally every single problem imaginable.

  38. Exercise being great for mental health has been proven though...

  39. Kinda hard since they are also the same assholes recklessly driving.

  40. Also as a side note. People who unsafely modify their vehicles should be held criminally responsible when they fail and hurt people.

  41. They usually do. Not sure why you think they wouldn't be held responsible?

  42. I thought this was just general complaining but hes actually screenshot 2 nobody losers arguing about FTR. Why do these wrestlers give these people the satisfaction? If youre gonna respond, clap back. Knock them down a peg. Stop throwing yourself a fucking pity party and vindicating these knuckle-draggers.

  43. Dude gets paid 6 figures to do his dream job, and still finds time to bitch and complain about everything under the sun. Proves money doesn't buy happiness, and Dax for whatever reason can't just let things not bother him and enjoy his life. Dax desperately needs to be more like Cash, before the wrestling world starts to blacklist him.

  44. I'm almost positive it's running on v2. Much like Bing was secretly using GPT-4, I feel like Bing is also using the latest version of Dall-E.

  45. It doesn't seem to like Asian. Mine get put into review with that word. Apparently it's racist to ask for anything Asian?

  46. I find ChatGPT consistently incorrect. A lot of things I wouldn’t trust it on.

  47. Have you used GPT-4, especially with Bing? I've found it almost never hallunciates. I've run hundreds of tests with Bard, GPT 3.5 and 4.0 and Bing, and GPT 4 rarely gets something wrong

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