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  1. Bernie Sanders dropped the term "Niggardly" in an interview once. Really.

  2. And the Chinese shouldn’t be entitled to anyone else’s market. Tariffs to 10,000%

  3. Are you still buying Swiftdemand? If yes, How many eth are you offering for 13k swiftdemands?

  4. You just send to someone and they send something back. Either PayPal or crypto currency.

  5. If you like Stellar, you might like Pi based off of Stellar. Pi is a new digital currency being developed by a group of Stanford PhDs. For a limited time, you can join the beta to earn Pi and help grow the network. To join Pi, follow this link

  6. I'm asking if you have tried something before recommending it to other people.

  7. Michael Bolton? The Initech software developer?

  8. Apparently a group called Proud boys does no fap and they are called Nazis, so no fap got linked to Nazism. I saw it on Facebook and it had a couple hundred comments. What a world

  9. I work in a brewery that doesn't serve food, so we don't have any utensils.

  10. Dude, just dont put your napkins in the glasses. Lol

  11. I don’t go to bars so I’m not the one you’re after. Good luck on your mission to teach a bunch of drunk people not to put a napkin in a cup.

  12. My main disagreement with IQ tests is the assertion that it measures your genetic level of intelligence and it can't be changed. The mind is malleable.

  13. I will look into that for sure. Haven't heard of a water pick. Do you use them?

  14. I use one everyday. It’s great. Brush and squirt off your tongue too.

  15. So when trump does it he is cool and when China does it it's a weak move?

  16. Or you know the fact they're claiming that every single island in the Pacific is theirs.

  17. That’s bad too. I wasn’t on a diatribe about China’s wrongdoings.

  18. It’s about Main Street not Wall Street. Wall Street lost when Hillary lost.

  19. You have my permission to redraw this.

  20. Sure! I could provide dozens! But I know it will be a waste of time because you will hand wave no matter what is demonstrated. It's the kind of bad faith I've come to expect from defenders of this hilariously bad "policy" of the US.

  21. US manufacturing activity sees first quarterly decline since 2017

  22. Seems about right. The trade war has brought some manufacturing home but also pushed manufacturing to other countries. As long as it is away from China and them stealing IP, that seems like a win to me. Not as good as bringing it all back, but a win for now.

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