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  1. Seriously, seriously impressed by this crowd. Not just how they’re reacting, but the amount of people! Pre-Takeover vibes finally after so long

  2. If I’m Triple H these are the numbers I bring to the board of directors meetings like LISTENUH YOU LITTLE FUCKS I’M GAINING 21% IN THE DEMO-UHH BY PUTTING CANDICE LERAE-UHH IN TEN MINUTE MATCHES WITH NO HEAT-UHH

  3. So wait...people can get behind this angle but shit on the Bray Wyatt match from Rumble? Damn, make up your minds

  4. I have a challenge for you; tell me which one you think is meant to be taken seriously, and which one is meant to be a lower-midcard comedy gimmick.

  5. I am ready for Ø₮.ł₴ to be part of Maximum Male Models.

  6. Oh god it's going to be pronounced O-tisse (teese) isn't it

  7. Phenomenal ending, such amazing drama and intensity. Seeing Jey walk out fucked me up, what a segment.

  8. Commentary are absolutely on fucking fire tonight lmfao I'm dying

  9. Please be cautious and remember that this thread is spoiler-free; anyone posting sightings, betting odds or any other information that may spoil tonight's show will be met with action. Please be wary of others that want to go in spoiler-free.

  10. okay... i gotta give Triple H props. He saw that Kross is getting complete non reactions so he doesn't push him as hard as it seemed when he returned attacking Drew and having a staredown with Roman lmao

  11. For sure. He was absolutely being groomed for a feud with Roman, they even teased it numerous times. Kross had a few duds and since then there hasn’t been any sort of tease between the two.

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