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  1. The opposite happened to me sort of. The owner of a local Cidery who's product we stock came in with her husband and took the bar seats in front of the service well. My (useless) GM caught wind of it and stood directly in front of my well schmoozing for a half hour while I made drinks AROUND him during a flat-sat rush. I got progressively more aggressive, to the point where I'm hip checking and jabbing him in the belly with speed pourers on the way out of the rail. I'm still figuring out how to talk to this dunce at the time, so I hoped my body language conveyed it. The AGM saw what was happening and told him "Get off his bar, you're in the fucking way" so he went around the other side and hung his ass out right where I had to walk through running drinks trying to lean and look cool. I walked through his ass (literally) wordless until he scampered away to the office. Clueless entitled people suck on both sides of the bar!

  2. I've literally done #2 WHILE PLAYING A VIDEO GAME and Broski still kept going.

  3. Dang, even in the face of the 'Typhoid Mary' defense... Some people have no sense of self preservation.

  4. I timed out '1 one thousand' to a half ounce, if I need a quarter ounce I drop the the 'thousand' so 1 1/4 oz is '1 one thousand 2 one thousand 3 one'. I check myself with a jigger here and there to make sure I'm on it, and I usually am.

  5. its millennial printing they and their younglings cant read cursive.

  6. I was taught typing, print and cursive in elementary school in the early 90's, so I dunno where you're assuming this from. Most us can read and write cursive just fine, and we even know how to capitalize and punctuate correctly!

  7. A buddy of mine in my 20's, who I'm a full head and shoulders taller than, needed to get his GF to work earlier than normal and decided to snag my keys while I was passed out drunk on his couch. I had zero issue with him using my car, but it was very strange when I tried to get in later hung over and couldn't get my leg between the seat and the wheel, I called him right then and said "Looks like someone awfully short stole my car this morning, know anything about that?" and got the story.

  8. You should taste a splash every time you hook up a new keg anyway to check for off flavors, get into the habit of doing that and comparing what you tasted to reviews of that beer.

  9. So if I use harbor freight drivers and sockets, none of this applies right? /s

  10. Mine are great, I have a corded 1/2 inch impact from them too and it's a pig, I haven't found a bolt that'll stop her yet!

  11. Yeah I was just being snarky. I have a HF impact. (Earthquake or something another) and it’s done me just fine. Doesn’t get used everyday but enough that I’m satisfied with it.

  12. I think mine's their 'Chicago' tools line, maroon case color, what floored me was that they included replacement brushes with something that cheap. My philosophy is if I manage to break or wear out a HF tool then I replace it with something nicer.

  13. Yeah, I have a friend who's an EMT, and it really upsets him that I make a lot more than him as a "lowly" server.

  14. Some people are conditioned to see it as a zero sum game, 'I make $25/hour as a carpenter, if burger flippers make anything close to that my wage doesn't seem good anymore" when in reality the carpenter and the burger flipper both realistically need $30/hr because they're both barely scraping by.

  15. Exactly. Just because someone is doing okay financially and you're getting shafted, the answer to that isn't that the other person should also get shafted. lol That makes no sense. Both should be able to make decent money.

  16. It's a lot easier for certain people with a grievance, ie. 'I work my dick off and I'm still broke' to blame the people they see as beneath them on the totem pole, especially when they've been told their problems were 'the others' fault their whole life. Lots of money spent on the top end to keep that narrative alive, if you keep the poor folks fighting and blaming each other they don't stop to think that their boss fucking them and the government that allows them to might be the issue instead. It sucks and it's hard to get those folks to shed the years of conditioned arrogance.

  17. I mean, it's usually a CAN of Narragansett but spot on. I went out after work with 2 other bartenders and my closing manager last night and all 4 of us ordered that round exactly. We sell fancy shit to fancy people all day, I don't need anything pretentious after all of that!

  18. Do you not understand that if the base pay with tips doesn't add up to the amount of minimum wage, the employer is legally required to pay the minimum wage? So in reality, servers either earn minimum wage (basically never the case, as people are afraid not to tip even after the shittiest service because of this common misconception) or way more than minimum wage.

  19. Oooh boy, minimum wage!!!! I just love going hungry the last week of the month while frantically selling my possessions so I can make my landlords mortgage payment!!! Minimum wage doesn't amount to a fart in a high wind in most of this country, it's not even remotely adjacent to cost of living. If you are 'afraid' not to tip and you like restaurants then you should probably move somewhere where the government gives a fuck about working people and compels their employers to pay them a LIVING wage, not a bullshit 'minimum' that was woefully inadequate 13 years ago and is an absolute joke today. Or maybe you're on the take, you're benefiting from exploiting people at those wages and you don't want to share YOUR money they made you because if you did you wouldn't feel like the cleverest chucklefuck in the room so you sing the "bUt ThEy GeT dUh MiNiMuM wAaAaGe!!!!" song. If you choose to live in the land of abusive, exploitative capitalism, and opt for the luxury of dining out then you know you're fucking your server or bartender if you decide not to tip. When we serve we tip out our support staff and bartender, when we bartend we tip out our barback, when you stiff us we cover them and the taxes on the tip Uncle Sam assumed you left us. Just because we still make money doesn't mean you didn't fuck us over, so knock it off with your bullshit rationalizing. If you want to fuck over your server, great, do it, but know you're not on some truth telling crusade for righteousness, you're just an entitled fucking prick who knows better.

  20. During your whiny rant you forgot to answer what makes YOU entitled to free money compared to other employees in different fields who are earning minimum wage. Or do you think customers should pay instead of the employer in all cases? So why isn't it considered rude not to tip the cleaning lady, social workers or whoever else who gets minimal wage and does a work that's equally (if not more) difficult than what a server does?

  21. Social workers don't make minimum wage dude, or they shouldn't, and if you can afford a fucking housecleaning service then yes, it is customary to tip them. You're being purposefully ignorant and obtuse because you don't have an argument otherwise. You choose to participate, you choose whether to tip or not. I also notice tip baskets showing up everywhere, if you don't like it, don't put money in them, maybe advocate for better worker protections, maybe don't keep pretending that we can keep vacuuming money out of the working class so a handful at the top can feel super extra-special, explain to people they're destroying the housing market with their 'Investment properties', maybe ask their employers why they're having issues paying wages, maybe learn how to cook and make drinks yourself, anything but this pathetic 'People are AFRAID not to tip!!!' bullshit. I work my ass off bartending and serving and my tip average stays over 20%, meaning you're absolutely in a tiny minority of people who don't appreciate the work we do. Just own it man.

  22. Yeah used to work at a “higher end” wine restaurant (best in my town but it’s a low bar, still great food no hate) but the AMOUNT of people that didn’t know shit about wine and would just try to be snobs was impressive.

  23. Had a fella, who was already much more impressed with himself than his date was, very confidently say 'Excuse me sir, I ordered the WHITE Zinfandel!' "That's as white as Zinfandel gets sir, I have a very good Chardonnay right now if that's not to your liking." His date was speechless, our regular winos were anything but, and the bar staff were cracking up about all of it. They did NOT leave together. Good times, lol

  24. Anyone else call this thing a toad lick?

  25. Last time I left a note for the opener it was "Long night, we wuz drinkin'. This many PBR's, 5 for you, have a good day!" on top of a pile of cash on the register. I don't remember writing the note. The night in question was one of 3 in my 5 years at that job where I had to call for backup during a shift, this was an unexpectedly high turnout holiday potluck at an American Legion, read; a demographic of people who can barely hit the toilet they're aiming at sober drunkenly waving around serving spoons and bumping into chafing dishes, cleanup was an absolute nightmare, soooo... We wuz drinkin'!

  26. I learned that one from my roomie who played Magic the Gathering, keeps the Cheeto dust off the pricey cards.

  27. I left it in the car! Even though I was headed into a bar. Weird!

  28. Lol, had a kid walk in, 'Hey, bar for 1' gesture vaguely at open bar stools in front of me 'I want a shot of absinthe... Wait, do you have anything stronger than absinthe?' ''Yup, let me see your ID" 'I don't carry ID because I use Apple pay' "That's a terrible idea, this is a big city, what if something happened to you? Bye, have a good night..." I love it when people make my job easy!

  29. I worked at an American Legion, read; A place where the children of WW2 vets compete to be the worst embodiment of the boomer stereotype they can be. I kicked out one particular guy, who would sometimes leave the quarter change from his $2.75 Coors Light, because another member handed me a $20 tip and he yelled at him "DON'T FUCKING GIVE THAT TO HIM!!! HE DOESN'T WORK A REAL FUCKING JOB AND HE DOESN'T FUCKING DESERVE IT!!!" I... lost my temper completely and shit down his neck "I'M DOING CHARITY WORK SERVING YOUR CHEAP ASS ALREADY AND YOU THINK YOU'RE GONNA FUCK WITH MY MONEY??? GET OUT OF MY BAR RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!! AND GO PUT IN SOME CHARITY WORK YOURSELF YOU BROKEDICK MOTHERFUCKER!!!" snatched his Coors, crushed it over the sink, and stared him down until he left. Not a lot of bars you can do that in and keep your job, and the commander/my manager had a talk with me about it, to which I said 'You know this guy fucks over your staff, starts fights and runs off any potential new business right? Ok, how much did you pay the Marine Corps to work? So THEY paid YOU? Woooow!!! But you expect me to take a financial hit every time this fucking prick decides to come make my life a living hell? You can fucking serve him then, stay by the phone...' He changed his tone and tipped roughly a buck a beer after that, I don't know if it was the earful I gave him, the earful the Commander likely gave him, or the people who loudly agreed with me sitting at the bar that night but something clicked in that assholes 3-sizes-too-small red hat covered brain and it couldn't have happened sooner. Good luck out there dude, people can really suck sometimes but the good ones have made it worthwhile in the wash for me so far.

  30. I just read in a thread about celeb customers that a former DC football player had a habit of smashing stemware when he sat it down, so all of his up cocktails were served in a rocks glass. That said, I would never question someone asking for different glassware for a cocktail. The best drink I can make you is the one that makes you happy, if a different glass does it for you then you got it. What annoys me personally is people who don't know what they want and get grumpy when they don't like what they get.

  31. Wait until he finds out that there are often Hispanic kitchen workers in Asian restaurants!

  32. I'm in DC, if I don't hear hip hop, reggaeton, corridos or latin pop faintly bumping from the kitchen at any restaurant it makes me feel weird.

  33. I usually go with ''Aww, thanks! Be safe and have a great night!' then brace for the compliment tip that often follows. Then there was Becky. She and her 2 friends racked up a healthy check over a few hours and were super nice, I go to drop her card and receipt and she was already standing up, and she was TALL. I start to go into my "Thank you so much-" and she cut me off with ''Dude I fucking love you!!! I'm just, ok, I'm coming in for this!" And gave me the biggest Chardonnay-fueled bear hug I've ever received from a stranger, just boobs in my face for a solid 10 seconds. She left a 40%+ tip with 'You fucking ROCK!!!' under the sign line. No Becky, YOU fucking rock!!! Sometimes people just like your brand, it can be awkward, but I like to see it as high praise from high people, and I'll take that over an asshole customer any day!

  34. We have several dozen taps and make a lot of cocktails so it happens sometimes, also tickets get made twice because the server didn't burn them occasionally. I park it behind the tap for a little while to see if another order for one comes up, then I either give it to someone drinking the same/something similar, or I put it on the service rail and tell the servers to go make a friend with it. That's why you got a free one, we're not going to waste product that you probably wanted more of anyway, and who doesn't like a free drink?

  35. Took me 4 days and 50 hrs a lot of caffeine and no breaks. About 28/hr. This was an unusual weekend.

  36. Shiiiit, I need a double and a bonghit just reading that, I thought I had been putting it in. Cheers buddy!

  37. A small sewing kit with white and black thread already on needles, losing a button during service sucks.

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