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AITA for telling my wife that she isn’t a princess?

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  1. Apparently being a broke nursing student equals living under a rock...

  2. How? How does that equal that? It’s been all over social media hence the implication that you live somewhere where information isn’t easily reached

  3. I have a partner who markes out drinks for her her home family before she leaves and it’s annoying as fuck because we have to make them when it’s peak sometimes

  4. Well, that’s why everyone in my store asks if they want to use stars, ect before we select the payment 😒

  5. I just looked on the app and pistachio cold brew, latte, Frappuccino etc are all still available. I'm in Canada if that makes a difference

  6. Also if you don’t want to be “blasted” maybe don’t say things like “ I see y’all”.

  7. As a latte it’s gonna have a lot more oat milk and oat milk is higher in calories than other milks

  8. Oprah ruined Teavanna and even Starbs couldn’t save the brand. Oh what I’d give to have Lavender Dreams… Lavender dreams fog…

  9. I had one driver chatting with me telling how nice the other store was have her drinks and food. With that kind of tone implying we should do that. I just stared at her and was like um cool? And went on my way

  10. Um what no that’s what café mobile is for. I prefer been on cafe mobile bar so I can chat with my regulars while I’m pumping our drinks and not worrying about times. When I’m on drive I focus on getting that shit out quick bc I don’t want to be the reason we loose hours. F that

  11. I mean when you say coffee do you mean coffee or sugar filled coffee drinks? If you like coffee, you could drink it with coconut milk which will make it sweeter but a lot less calories

  12. Omg queen 👑👑👑 NTA at all. She fucked around and found out. It’s good for you for standing up for yourself. And tbh shame on your dad. He should be protecting you and encouraging you to set healthy boundaries and not let others violate your boundaries.

  13. Um absolutely not. I might mobile order an ice tea or something but I don’t go in there to hang out. And tbh I find it obnoxious when partners come in during peak and have ridiculous orders ( happened yesterday and I’m still a little mad about it).

  14. Yea she should not have brought that up with management around. If you guys are trying to organize, use a secure communication tool like signal. It’s encrypted and you can set messages to disappear. I can help you get in touch with workers united if you’d like, I have connections. DM if you need more info. Never talk about it in the store

  15. Was your SM in the group chat? But it’s illegal to fire someone for trying to unionize. Have you talked to this person or is this speculation?

  16. Idk what their problem is but that’s not a policy, and I don’t understand why they’re so bothered by that request

  17. Because we have the benefit of living outside the story and seeing way more context than any one character (well, except perhaps Gideon)

  18. Even though gideons off at least he’s trying to make a better world? Mikes over here like I hate my own kid

  19. To be fair, the kid is fucking weird. In another story you might assume he's in The Exorcist

  20. He is, but a parent shouldn’t treating their child like that. That’s what could make or break a kid

  21. Nope a flat white is not q cappuccino. Cappuccinos are very foamy. A flat white is made with ristretto shots and whole milk. And isn’t only served in a short cup idk where you for that info

  22. Wut, so if I ask a flat white with soy the only difference over cappucino shorter espresso shots?

  23. No. Cappuccino has a lot of foam. Flat whites are more slimilar to lattes very little foam

  24. They broke the counter to try and get to the safe rip the ice bin that was there as well 😭

  25. These be some dumb thieves like did they honestly think they’d be able to get in that safe?

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