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  1. I've had my 2020 turbo for just over a year now. It has been a great car overall with only minor downsides. The biggest one is the paint on it seems to be unreasonably thin and easy to chip. Granted, I do live in the northeast US where ice, salt, and random bolts left on the tailgates of trucks tend to love to smash against the front of the car on the highways...

  2. I've had my 1990 1.6L Miata for about 6 years now. My suggestions for "mods" are maintenance and safety (as many others have said). Make sure all your coolant lines and radiator are in good condition (rubber/plastic does not fare well with age). Do a timing belt change if it hasn't been done in a while. Check your brake pads and rotors and replace if needed. Buy an extra "cursed water plug" as they tend to go about every 15 years if you have an oem Mazda one from what I've heard (~$5 part that will save a lot of headaches just having one extra). Worst thing you can do is go for "fun" mods only to have the car sit on jackstands for days, weeks, or months due to small issues popping up here and there.

  3. I do have a fan in the bathroom, but it isn't the best to be honest. I will definitely mention a dehumidifier to my landlord as well.

  4. I have had this exact wheel on my car for the past few years. Overall, it's not horrible. Biggest complaints so far are as follows:

  5. Mine does this occasionally, too. (1990, 150K miles). I have to put the clutch in when I slow down for lights or curves (not that I even slow down for a curve :-) ). It doesn't happen often, but I make a point to warn anyone who takes my car for a spin. I'm curious to learn if there is an easy fix.


  7. Tried doing some fixes this week. Due to some bolts stripping (both on the throttle damping valve and fuel pump cover....), I wasn't able to replace either of those yet. However, I did find that using seafoam mixed with my gas (got it down to a quarter of a tank and poured about 8oz in), along with putting a new air filter on (was definitely time to replace my previous one), has stopped it from happening nearly as much. I did the seafoam on Monday (so almost a week now) and that fixed most of the issues. Definitely doesn't hurt to try imo.

  8. I would suggest pulling for Ayaka or waiting for another DPS sword user. The sword can be beneficial on Xingqiu, but they have better sword options (such as sacrificial sword).

  9. Ayaka, kokomi, kazuha, and either rosaria or chongyun. (suggesting the final two over diona, as most people suggest, because they offer more dps than diona and you don't need shields/another healer with kokomi).

  10. Team 1: Itto, Gorou, Zhongli, Traveler (geo). Doing a shield bot Zhongli (4-piece tenacity + black tassel), you won't really need much of a healer.

  11. itto, gorou, geo traveller and diona then xiao, zhongli, bennett, jean

  12. I second these team suggestions. First team benefits gorou's skill by having 3 geo party members. This benefits your main dps, Itto. Diona is a great healer AND shielder as well.

  13. As a lot of people are suggesting, a miata/mx5 would be a much better starter sports car. I say this as I currently own both a 1990 miata and a 2005 rx8.

  14. Haikus, Amber V2, Friends with multiple wanted criminals, cocogoat milk connoisseur

  15. Windows 10 edition is easier if you have a group of friends you want to play online with (as you can play together for free as long as the creator of the world is online). If you want to play solo or on a pre-existing server, I personally recommend Java edition due to redstone mechanics and a few specific features (mod support being a large one).

  16. That's a beautiful purple, but may I ask why you arn't painting it the "fantastic shift pearl?"

  17. I recently watched a video where they added a lower concentration of shift pearls over a similar colored base. The shift pearls I'm going with this time are a red/orange to a magenta/purple color, and I think they would look great over a purple base :)

  18. I’m doing to be real with you, you need to check the compression. That start sounded very weak as if you isn’t producing enough combustion. If your compression is fine, then I would check to see if you’re getting enough fuel.

  19. I was going to check compression, but every place I've seen it done, it needs to be done at running temperatures to give accurate results. Can this be done still even with a non started engine? And if so, roughly what compression should I be looking for?

  20. I have heard the apex seal can stick. How did it run before you parked it?

  21. Was running fine besides a slightly rough idle in traffic.

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