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  1. Hey, thanks for all the help, the trap itself wasn't mine I found him. I managed to gently release him from it using olive oil and afterwards washed him with water mixed with small amount of soap. He looked fine after that and could walk properly/tried to fly, but I decided to make him stay in a box for the night (I found him very late evening) to make sure he'll get better first/or get some professional help in the morning. I made holes in the box to make the air flow through, however, when I wanted to check on him when woke up the bird sadly has passed away..

  2. Im currently gently touching the glued places with a bit of olive oil, it helps but Im not sure if theres something else I can do?

  3. Olive oil or any neutral oil, make sure you constantly monitor it to make sure it’s head doesn’t get into the oil so it won’t drown. Afterwards, mix soap and water and gently wash him. Let him dry somewhere quiet and then release.

  4. I should also include this, i dont want like really complex and hard to make sounttracks. Just simple and nice short soundttracks

  5. What style of music are you looking for, 8-bit? And how many tracks in total?

  6. thats a shame, and theres no a plugin or max4live device that makes it possible?

  7. Unfortunately Im not certain, but I used thw uninstall button and also I've deleted the major files (+140 GB) that I found.

  8. Make sure you delete the VSTs, Components, and VST3s. Path on a Mac-> Library/Audio/Plug-ins/(Vst, components, Vst3). Then restart your computer and rescan plug-ins. I don’t know if you have done this or just deleted the factory content but this should work.

  9. I use zoom for my online lessons. It’s very user friendly and the share screen/sound function actually works (unlike Skype) During lockdown I had 50 online lessons a week and for the most part zoom was my go to. Some students preferred WhatsApp but I didn’t because it doesn’t have a share screen/sound function.

  10. Thanks for the reply! And when you use the screenshare function, in what software do you write notes, chords etc if I may ask?

  11. I usually use “OneNote”, or “Googledrive/Google doc”. OneNote is handy because you can save multiple formats and it also has a draw/edit function. Are you doing private lessons or with a company/school?

  12. Private lessons, so you import an image of music staff, and then write on it on Onenote/google doc? Is it possible to let the student write on that from their computer? Do they have to create an account first to join? Thanks again

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