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today is my birthday - I'm 70 - and this is my first post on Reddit (OC)

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  1. Check out volcano vaporizers, that's what you're looking for. Much different than a little handheld vape pen.

  2. Now would be the best time to put their effort towards rehousing the rabbits with a less financially burdened person. With a vet being out of their current budget, isn't surrendering the rabbits in everyone's best interest and the right thing to do here?

  3. Article 5 may have to be invoked if the reactor fallout reaches a NATO member, which isn't exactly news

  4. Can’t see shit. Please share a zoomed in picture not a 1 second potato quality shaky video

  5. 720p is somewhat dated, but I wouldn't call it potato quality. Click the cog wheel and change the quality and start the video over

  6. One negative review literally talked about them making their username something stupid and they couldn't change it so they gave it a thumbs down review which impacts the overall score, incredible.

  7. Two things, wtf am i supposed to do against a giant squid? They fight whales. Second, that squid is dying quickly. You can tell by how patchy its skin is, and the fact that its up near the surface during the day time. Squids are normally nocturnal, and hang out in the dark zone till sun down

  8. The healthy younger ones are deadly, yeah. This one looks very withered and unhealthy, or just dieing.

  9. Have you seen what happens when you throw a water bottle into an inactive volcano? Spoiler alert: bad things.

  10. ... and buy things to take home...

  11. Both of your comments are arguing the same thing, gas stoves are unusual in households in Germany.

  12. I've taken an extended break from Kenshi, but this imagine alone made me want to boot it right back up.

  13. The fisheye lens makes it look at lot worse I’m sure. I mean there wouldn’t be that many ppl up there if it was that dangerous

  14. A fair amount of people who climb mount Everest get frostbitten or die, people still do that though

  15. What they're selling in fact is single-use plastic bottles. They're just using water as a cheap filler!

  16. Everyone else has to pay for what Nestle acquires for free due to ancient outdated contracts

  17. most definitely. i have two beagles. they’re not very big but ik for a fact that they would devour my bunny in an instant if i let them. it’s definitely possible for dogs and bunnies to get along, i just feel like it’s an unnecessary risk that you would be taking.

  18. And needs an assist from parents for grooming and vet appointments. Being nasty to OP wont help the bun.

  19. This should all be understood and handled before getting a rabbit, veterinary care is honestly the basics. At this point it's unfortunately more like neglect. Whether that makes you feel bad for the owner or not, it's obviously true.

  20. Actually self-driving is a great scenario for strong winters. Maybe you are not aware but snow plowing trucks are much more advanced in Europe than the US. For some years now, there are vehicles with high precision GPS devices and very high resolution maps, are able to drive on completely covered roads and stay centered on the lane. This technology could easily be used in autonomous vehicles.

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