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  1. Haven’t tied them, but it’s a good store with great whisky knowledge and tastes. I’m sure this doesn’t help though

  2. I know OFC is super rare, and you being new to bourbon, $2500 could seriously grow your collection with a lot of great bottles. Get anything else and that will be an exceptional bottle.

  3. To shop: Co-Op World of Whiskey, but their prices are a touch higher than most places. Wine and Beyond has the overall best price and selection. BSW has a good selection but they jack up tater bottle prices. Kensington Wine Market is decent. Craft Cellars has great sale prices. Sierra Springs in Airdrie 20mins north of Calgary has a good selection.

  4. He hit everything you need to know!! Except Main Street in Airdrie is more beer than bourbon.

  5. Yes. I had to cancel my trip to visit my terminal grandfather.

  6. They cancelled my Calgary to Saskatoon flight this evening. They re-booked it for another Westjet flight tomorrow morning.

  7. BSW has sent out a number of false restock alerts ever since the website was redesigned, not for the better, on items they never actually got. They get Springbank as often as Zyn ;)

  8. If you pull the horse out of a bottle of Blantons and throw it into the center of a distillery tour, you can easily take out 8-10 taters.

  9. I'm glad I tried them together as it really helps the sherry cask stand out in the uigeadail. The uigeadail is surprisingly easy drinking despite the high abv. I'd say the peat is slightly more prominent in the PC10

  10. Looks like they’re all your favourites and you’re gonna have to re-up your whole collection 😂

  11. Raffle. Luckily was the 1st winner out of 18 people so had my choice between 18 different bottles. Went with the Lot B for $105

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