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[OC] Help me name her

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  1. Toys r us hiring right now, I drove by Burger King and seen a now hiring sign on the window

  2. Big opening for a stomp in the stomach, take their eyes first but if u can’t take their breath

  3. It’s cuz his nose holes looked like a wall plug, think it’s in the jackass show commentaries somewhere or maybe it was viva La bam commentary not sure

  4. He’s on Santa’s list when they do one of the Christmas songs, Marty McFly on there too

  5. I had the maroon one with the ozzy logo, think it was bootleg off eBay, but I think I remember the top being green

  6. Acetylene cutting torch will get it up to temp. Gonna run you a few hundred, but cheaper than a proper forge.

  7. I do this, with a small electric forge. It works very fast melting the cooper down but it puts a lot of wear on my crucible

  8. In a previous post I asked about the issues I was having with this, I adjusted the model on tinkercad and made it with no overhangs, I still did a mediocre job with making a bevel so the sand comes out of the eyes and mouth but I'm happier with the result and will accept this one for cleanup and maybe in the future continue with this project to improve my casting capabilities. Thank you to those who gave me advice in the previous post, you know who you are.

  9. I have never stopped thinking about the bee on a string.

  10. When Dunn pulls his pants all the way down in front of everyone in the bathroom. The look on that guys face before he walks away is priceless.

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