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  1. LF: Flutter Mane and Roaring Moon, also Great Tusk, Scream Tail and Brute Bonnet. FT : Violet paradox pokemons, all starters from violet + previous games

  2. I can get you all of those scarlet paradox mons, any chance u have a palafin or we can touch trade legendaries?

  3. For next week to be a break week is a betrayal of unimaginable proportion. mfer Cobra didn't even say what was in the letter! Or what the fuck that has to do with the meaning of "D". I think it's pretty obvious that Lili is Imu, and the sword in the garden room is the 20th sword from the 20 families, but whaaaaaat the fuck does that mean for the plot?

  4. Anakin, ahsoka (for anakin), cal for insane force powers like force echo, din for obvious reasons, and BD for the stim packs

  5. I don't see how that's the case. In those four games the Miami defense has scored just as many TDs as Tua. OP said Tua is undefeated against the Pats and my argument is it's not Tua winning those games, just an anemic Patriots offense only putting up more than 16 points once against a stout defense.

  6. I dont think it’s about story. Didn’t she dump him for Andrew right after the movie came out. I bet Toms contract has them writing her out.

  7. I had a neighbor once that would block our driveway or park up over the curb in the yard. Someone came along and clipped all 4 valve stems off. He never parked in my driveway/yard ever again after that.

  8. Everyone appears so civil on the internet sometimes; my neighbors would throw a brick at that truck.

  9. Its fake. Most people aren’t civil unless they want the moral high ground. Me personally, i’m slashing tires and stuffing a mcchicken down his gas pipe

  10. While it’s still not hard to understand, this is more interpretation than reading.

  11. The thing that’s interesting to me is that he said that Koby can’t escape while Teech is away. Wondering if he would’ve been ok with Koby escaping, just not when he’s the one overseeing the island.

  12. Luffy gonna shock the World by Soloing an Admiral meanwhile Dragon is gonna solo the Gorosei.

  13. Kizaru, Saturn, and the entire fleet that’s coming with them

  14. She’s hot and all but she don’t got acting chops to be next to Driver. He’s a got a real presence to him need the Mrs to match that.

  15. I grew up in rural Nebraska and knew a lot of flat earthers. If they believed flat earth, they believed ANYTHING, especially with some Christianity sprinkled on top.

  16. Lafitte, this Chapter is the first time we’ve seen Lafitte in forever ago, and it’s just him in a flashback

  17. The bottom half of his body is visible behind some speech bubble, on page 14. He’s with blackbeard fighting Law

  18. i think he used to be when he just narrated the comics, now it just feels like hes faking all the excitement and just being extra in general. ill admit&agree his older videos are top notch. now not so much. respect tho

  19. Just going to say if you don't know then your to young to know

  20. Just Mayuri having fun with one of his creations... Side eye

  21. There’s no way Oda wouldn’t have included some cryptic shit like “he reminds me of someone” to fuck us up on what it might mean

  22. 100%. No Rocks pirate is gonna fight the exact same powers as rocks and not say something thats fucking stupid

  23. Maybe he knew , luffy probably surprised him by eating it ,then he bets to see if was "destiny" luffy have it , 12 years later reading the newspaper after wano arc , he confirms his bet was actually right, and now he can proceeds after the One piece , the reason to wait until now ? No idea , but has something to do with nika maybe.

  24. actually find it as a concept to be rad

  25. Completely 100% agree. I barely watch anymore, I switched to manga. The anime just doesn’t do the manga justice anymore. They’re worried about the 1 episode a week deadlines, not the story or fans

  26. We'll probably get some flashbacks of him in the Rocks Pirates. But his time in the spotlight is most certainly over, and any additional characterization he gets in the future won't do much to repair his image retroactively.


  28. Ok cool. You got it.

  29. 😂😂😂 swear it’s not possible to discuss this with some people. Just let em have their delusions

  30. The whole monkey d. Family are descendants of the shandian.

  31. Buggy is Xebec's son. At God Valley Xebec's death wish is for Roger to make sure he takes care of his kid who is only a baby. He says before he dies "He's the one with the red-" and dies. Roger finds both Shanks and Buggy as babies and takes them both. This would be revealed after a lot of implying it was Shanks who was actually his kid.

  32. I feel like he's probably chill and very much misunderstood - also if it's one thing the world government will do is lie religiously - Ohara should be proof of that!

  33. Yeah what if he was exactly like shanks. And he is shanks father. Both have red hair I believe. He’s always smiling, brought together many strong pirates. I bet hes a cool guy

  34. “Wasp, because she’s rich and emotionally damaged” Shit bro, he knows wassup

  35. humanity needs to domesticate manatees and make them like cows.

  36. The massive amount of methane released from the domestication of cows attributes to climate change

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