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  1. Just remember to use distilled water in your humidifiers as well as clean and disinfect them often (mold and minerals can be harmful to your health)

  2. I would like to take this moment to remind everyone that it’s okay to be a failure in life and not score 170+ ❤️ /s

  3. Agreed. I thought it was D. It's definetly a tricky stimulus, it's easy to misunderstand it. Like holy cow lol. I had to read it twice before feeling confident about D. I almost thought B. Good one to review. Explanation for those who want it for the question:

  4. Just wondering if the way to understand this question correctly is in the tone of the two debaters? I’ve read this over multiple times and that’s the only way I can see how it could be understood in the intended way. Otherwise it just seems like they are talking about hypotheticals without any personal opinion involved.

  5. Especially important to note Harry's default shoes have a -1 to Savoir Faire.

  6. for the question, the number of hours is 8070. User pointed out my original number was for Jan 2022

  7. 2nd year lawyer. 33 years old with 3 degrees. 125k, unlimited vacation and benefits. However, high work load and student debt.

  8. Don't pay. The ticket they give you is $17 so like, best case scenario you get free parking because they don't ticket all too often. Worst case scenario you get a ticket for a full days parking rate

  9. I haven’t dressed up as anything this halloween as I’m studying for exams all the time. Would be great to have a switch so my girlfriend can play with me online : D

  10. Do you just email the club and ask?

  11. Sometimes a club will have a social media page that you can get in contact with. There’s also a directory of samru ratified clubs! Keep in mind if a club is just starting out they will not be listed in that directory.

  12. I’d say take it with a grain of salt. I’ve had a few profs who had ratings below three and I found it possible to do well in their classes, might have taken more reading or taking notes than with others though. You could just take a class with another prof but try it for yourself first.

  13. The update is new merch. There’s a gift box set that has stickers and patches and things like that, also a new colour CD slip case and a two new colour cassettes. The screen that was there before is now turned off and has been turned on it’s side (I think?).

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