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  1. If you drop the package at your front door will you call to report yourself??

  2. When picking up a Call-Tag package 29 is the code used.

  3. YTA, I would love if somebody asked me to cook them something, especially a SO.

  4. Dual rear wheeled vehicles get much better traction.

  5. “Florida man accused of driving around naked with electronic device attached to his penis.”

  6. Yep, I kept hearing bad things about Walmart orders and ended up doing a few just to see for myself. None of them paid a tip, all the customers were rude and seemed to assume I was a Walmart associate and wanted to micromanage me as I walked up their groceries.

  7. You have the opportunity to make that $20 if you take all the deliveries…

  8. Unpopular opinion here, but yes YTA. People saying you owe her nothin…technically true. But you should treat people how you expect to be treated.

  9. Yeah. Or the ones that hold down the horn at you while your parked outside their house (on lunch) not even blocking their driveway.

  10. I make great money earning with Uber and I think you’d love it too. Get details:

  11. When you guys pickup, do you say like “I have a pickup for door dash/Uber eats ” or do you just say what the their name is?

  12. If it's ground, you'll be making 170-200 a day. Less than 150 packages and stops, but the drive will kill you and the nav too. If you're not familiar with the area, you'll be out there for 10+ hours, with no overtime.

  13. The stimulus check was a terrible fucking idea because it gave a shit load of money to EVERYBODY. Even people staying at home living like kings on unemployment. Even 18 year olds who've never worked a day in their live.

  14. This almost literally happened at my store. Suicide happened the day before, managers are already harping on our asses minutes after briefly discussing the death.

  15. The managers at my store are fine, but they do tend to seem oblivious to just how much suffering their associates are going through.

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