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  1. "from cinema" and "from hip hop" absolutely kills me every time I see this

  2. Well if you love it so much I'll have to keep doing it~

  3. He craves for the life you live sandwiched between two giant cocks receiving pleasure

  4. damn bro now that you said it a second time I definitely see it 🤯

  5. Bbc bully looking for family members to run through and cucks to watch

  6. Ever since you stopped paying me your girl and your sister have been making their way to my place almost every day to help pay off your debt by working on their knees for every drop of bbc cum they can manage from me as their new boss. The pussy is great but I'm starting to get impatient about my money and your girls seem pretty okay with staying here with me and becoming permanent servants to my cock

  7. She was nervous at first but once she felt it throbbing in her hand she couldn't let go. She just fell to her knees on instinct and warmed up her new present in her mouth right then and there

  8. Roman's booking sucked ass back then so no not really

  9. Because I'm who she really loves. She takes good care of my warm thick cock every night before bed and dreams about it rubbing against her pretty face to keep her happy

  10. At least she’s having fun 😔 she always seems so bored when she’s with me 😢

  11. It's because she's thinking about being with me in the back of her mind but she's got too big a heart to let you know it. Her bored moans she's obviously faking give it away though and both of you know you'll never measure up to my black cock filling her up

  12. I personally find an attempted attack fueled by hate and racism much worse than a bitch slap you would see on the street

  13. At least they held John Wayne back and didn’t let him jump up on stage. The Academy didn’t cut her mic, they didn’t stop her or attempt to stop the show. They let her speak and let her have the platform

  14. That's still only addressing one incident and not the consistent celebration of abusers and rapists throughout the history of the event. I'm not telling you how to feel about any particular thing I'm just saying painting a slap as the low point of the Oscars is weird to me.

  15. Someone should really make a good match table setup post if there hasn't been one already. I just got the game on black Friday and starting my universe mode soon.

  16. If it makes you feel better, I think Samuel L Jackson is in a large majority of users top 10’s because he’s in a ridiculous amount of popular movies spanning multiple genres

  17. She spent the entire night pleasing a gang of bbc as we took turns on her sweet ass while she smiled ear to ear. She loves inviting us over and you're really convinced we're friends when we just love fucking your hot mom

  18. White men deserve nothing but the ability to sit back and watch their women be dominated and driven to forever please black dick while they can't do anything but watch helplessly.

  19. I asked her if she's gonna be a good girl and tell her brother what happened to her today and how it'll keep happening until you pay me back in full plus interest. Your sister seems perfectly fine if you never pay up though....

  20. Why not do this when Rosa first offered to relinquish though?

  21. Maybe Tony thought she'd be back in a reasonable amount of time and didn't want to slight Rosa? 🤷‍♂️

  22. Yeah just feels like doing it immediately after Toni's reign ends just kinda slights Toni too even if unintentional plus it would've made for a better build going into the match at Full Gear

  23. Y’all don’t understand how badly we love this 🥺 it’s such a kink but feels sooo natural being used by multiple black men as their sex toy. They just absolutely tear us up and get alll that aggression out on our pussy

  24. It's how you white girls deserve to be treated. Cumdumps for us to use and dispose of when not needed and making y'all earn your place amongst us

  25. She's been taking care of my dick all day and forgotten all about her family back at home. Pleasing my thick black dick is all that matters to her now

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