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  1. I love how you claim you opinion is popular by posting it in unpopular opinions.

  2. youre so lucky i wish i had someone to have matching owl house profile pictures 😭

  3. The no bitches reply to this ended up being wrong cos that same day I replied it I got with the person in the screenshot and we're still together

  4. "And that kids is how I met your parent"

  5. Idk but there's nothing stopping oyu from making some

  6. You know you would be cis as your agab right?

  7. The fact you're still here means you are strong

  8. If you, the creator, dont know the reason it exists, then there is no reason.

  9. It does have a reason to exist, it's a way to express my identity

  10. K. I just wish you had a better definition that could be used to help people who feel the same

  11. Well the name and flag already describe it pretty well, it's techno and celtic

  12. Are these people in the room with us right now

  13. Your bio literally says it all Jesus!

  14. Like you're what your bio says you are

  15. You feel you have to walk on eggshells around them

  16. I wasn't saying it's creepy, I was saying as long as they aren't creeps (i.e. respect boundaries and consent or lack of)

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