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  1. We need the equal right of being able to dispatch anything moves...

  2. Made this very decision today after 25 years faithfully having my "caffeine break" daily in Starbucks !!

  3. imagine posting this on a subreddit consisting primarily of partners instead of writing to corporate. just wondering if you think the 16 year olds at your locations can change any of this?

  4. Imagine an hourly waged counter person, thinks he/ she is a "partner"?! Nah!! and get this repeating this with straight face as if it's a given fact of life 🙄🤦

  5. Made this very decision today after 25 years faithfully having my "caffeine break" daily !! Reasons?!

  6. Why not find a lover if your husband is supportive ?!

  7. Okay now this I find rather offensive. I'm not in need of a lover, nor am I interested in having one. I don't feel unfulfilled in my marriage. I love my husband. He is more than enough. This is the exact line of thinking that keeps bisexual people from feeling comfortable with their own identity.

  8. Then i guess you are covering all your basis seeing your "therapist" regularly 😉

  9. I see diminishing si since June, because there is great deal of accumulation, buy and hold in anticipation of the hyped up acquisition of CLVS

  10. Healing cream to recover from traumas etc. Really good stuff. For example it's recommended after the tattoo to heal all faster, etc. It's also a very good stuff to fight infections etc.

  11. You can role play certainly, by dressing up for her, and let her have her way with you..

  12. You sound you are going to be his batch, he will takeover your girl and home, speak to your soon to be his gf and ask her for good old times sake to soften his harsh treatmentfor you, and you will be the subservient bitch of the household... congrats

  13. If you don't like my advice you sad nincompoop, no one asked you to subscribe to it, but don't you fucking ever tell me what I can or can not post.. Oh "crap" is the o Ltd thing your feeble minded kind subsist on!!

  14. Just get circumcised, it's a straight forward same day procedure, with adequate pain killer you will be up in running in few days...

  15. No one is bashing this pos... it's simply a pos that dropped like stone from $100 SP to current level , with overpaid over perked management that should be serving time in a federal penitentiary, nor jet around with six figure pay checks and first class benefits and perks...,

  16. No squeeze play here, there is simply no interest or attention in this stock among the SS subreddit community, plus the SI rate is not that high... I think the only merit or saving grace for this stock, is potentially a long awaited FDA approval for a new label for one of it's already selling drugs...

  17. Definitely Clvs!! It's heavily shorted and stands at all time low currently, plus high utilization rate

  18. There is something called Google news!!! Put in research "Ethiopia civil strife"

  19. The more you write, the more your ingrained buffonary greets us, oh pray tell you smart one amongst your siblings, which of my commentary was " copy/paste" ?! I responded to your earlier buffonary with a concise brief why Ethiopia a failed state by all intents and purposes is a country meant for collapse, let alone bright future with " set up infrastructure in EV, a country where 60% of households do NOT have electricity let alone an EV environment!! It's not a showboating destination for yet another of Torno's fluff pr machine, now like a scatterbrain idiot - a description never a put down- you are back for mindless seconds!!😏

  20. Brazen fraud allowed to continue without a check!! Smh

  21. Sorry folks, I bought 5000 shares today... and this will be the kiss of death to XELA, it really is the case once I buy a stock it tanks.... so I wasn't surprised to see it tank at close😁😁 I offset this slide however, because all my shares were bought on a short put contracts so I collected premiums handsomely and the real pps for me now stands @ $2.85 ..let's hope we stay above this threshold

  22. Mind you Adis Ababa is currently besieged by an ethnic war that spelled over from the northern breakaway region of Tigray...I guess Torno is banking on what happens in Africa stays in Africa 😁😁😁 so no one would know in the US about a nation called Ethiopia on the brink of collapse...

  23. re/Clov is no longer a squeeze target at least not now, I suggest changing gears to re/Clvs with 28% SI and high utilization rate, AND it's near it's 52 week low,a prime candidate for squeeze

  24. I feel ALYI is a bottomless stock at this juncture, I am caught in this badly with more than a million shares, and the free fall of yesterday's fraudulent PR is not over yet.. I say fraudulent because it was a in every sense of the word, the investing, shareholding, speculators etc whatever you want to call every bagholder at this point were expecting specific news of a specific milestone namely the 2000 bike repeatedly and incessantly promised pilot program that were supposed to be delivered July 2021 😠😡🤬🤬🤬

  25. FUV is about to pop MMAT + CLOV have too many shares available and the fees are too low WKHS may pop but it would be weeks or months away unless the buy volume comes up a lot more

  26. You are again asleep at the switches like many... The poll citing CLVS NOT Clov!! And No clvs does NOT have too many shares availableas utilization rate is high.., but clov certainly does

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