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  1. That's okay. Let them take their time and make something special again, just like this.

  2. Tiny Hut doesn't have a "floor," so to speak. If you deploy it mid-air you better have some way to levitate for the full duration, because as soon as you(the caster) leave the area (ie fall out the bottom) the spell ends early.

  3. The effect cannot be stood upon from the inside. It allows you to freely pass through it. It isn't Tiny Prison.

  4. People playing one game and using that anecdote as if that's how every game will go. You gotta play more than one game before you can actually draw any conclusions

  5. I don’t think anything will change. I guess maybe Bella thinks that some people will side with Joel and his decision and others won’t. That is all she means I’m guessing. Maybe something to do with Abby.

  6. Naw, Abby's relationship to Jerry was meant to be a surprise in TLOU2 so I doubt she gets revealed in this season. Her revenge is meant to be as surprising and unsympathetic as possible when it happens

  7. There is a debate from the game's ending on if what Joel did was right so it's probably that.

  8. Exactly, look how much it's dividing people who've already known about the ending for going on 10 years in the comments below yours hahaha

  9. You wrote a post for less than 10k people, most of whom aren't even reading it, so you are just as stupid

  10. It was crazy how sturdy the bridge was when the girl did it. It amazed me. Here this whole time, I thought it was designed to break off LOL

  11. They were just slapping the velcro on in the middle, she went to the effort to secure it all the way and it made a world of difference :D

  12. My favorite interpretation is that the two of them were feeling so certain that Joel and Ellie wouldn't hurt them, that they pulled out the dry wit jokes about the Mrs. intentionally getting her husband in trouble by lying about where they were just to get him shot. The sort of jokes that a loving, steady, native partnership probably throws around constantly

  13. (Something strikes the shields and is dissipated, the model of the ship doesn't even move. Inside the ship, consoles explode violently and kill half the bridge crew.)

  14. So let me see, one guy's job is to go down a well, handle a cobra, and put it in sack. He does that.

  15. If one of the two of them had to screw up today, we're all glad it's not the guy in the well

  16. On this video, i've put less effort on the audio than others. Gotta say, it's the most difficult part as i don't want to put a very specific style to not annoy people and do not want either to have the same style all along to not feel repetitive. And i want royalty free music, so using mostly Adobe library.

  17. I thought this would be a "they wrote me, I ain't write back tho"

  18. I just don't understand how the same person who told the story that these people fell in love with, have so little faith in the exact same person telling more of the same story and/or adapting it for other media with changes. It's the same guy. Oh ye of little faith.

  19. Hot take: If everyone observed safe following distance, there'd always be room for someone to merge no matter when they do it

  20. Yes but unfortunately congestion prohibits this. It would be awesome though

  21. Yeah you can't make the other cars observe safe following distance, only you can.

  22. Not like this, 49ers! NOT LIKE THIS! I wanted you to bring the trophy home to the NFCW, not this...

  23. Are you crazy? You want a divisional rival to win?

  24. Yeah, I want the NFCW to be stronger than every other division in the game. I want people to go "Oh shit" when anyone in the NFCW shows up. I want people from other divisions to avert their gaze when the NFCW plays against itself because their shame is so great at how much better we all are.

  25. magic item crafter, magic item breaker, magic item hoarder, magic item abuser

  26. Decklist? New to magic and built out a raffine deck and really liking esper. Have one of these and not really sure what the win con is with him

  27. [[Cyberdrive awakener]] [[Rise and Shine]] or [[Cranial Plating]] on big T

  28. This is mine also! It's based around flash creatures so I have tons of interaction. Everyone loves interaction.

  29. If you can’t beat ‘em, join em. Growing up watching Seattle, my folks would always tell me that whoever beat us in the playoffs, you would want them to go far. That way, you could say “hey man, the team who knocked us out went to/won the Super Bowl”. So good luck y’all, as the other guy said, bring it home for the NFCW! :)

  30. Exactly. Your strength is measured by the quality of your adversaries.

  31. Absurd like a dead wizard man wrestling his demon brother? To giving birth to a hand? To literally wrestling God lol

  32. Exactly. The Big Show wrestling Rey Mysterio? Hell, all of his moves require complete suspension of disbelief and a helping hand from the opponent. Even chokeslams require you to jump.

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