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  1. Can you share the number with me that doesn’t line up. I too contacted him

  2. Sources and ships really quickly as long as the item is in stock. Takes PPFF and ships to US. Aadi seems a bit more old school, she doesn’t like to RL stuff in my experience (she did once when an item was way off from factory pics) but it took a bit of back and forth and me being politely persistent and she won’t really help w QCing (“it’s not crooked dear”). But most of the stuff I got from her was good quality and matched the factory I’d asked for. Overall was satisfied but I don’t buy from her anymore because I am spoiled and now prefer sellers who are a bit more flexible with RLing items and more helpful if there’s an issue (last bag I got ended up being the wrong size, not wholly her fault, I’d say equal parts me not clearly communicating the size I was looking for and her not clarifying when she missed where it had showed the size in a pic I’d sent when ordering and instead just sending the size she thought I’d want. But she doesn’t do much to try to rectify stuff like that where some other sellers will).

  3. Everybody is different, but Effexor does have a short half-life, so depending on how fast you taper, it likely won't take long to experience something. I'm currently tapering down from 225 to 150, dropping 12.5 mg a week. I've noticed a very slight uptick in my anxiety, but am hoping by doing a slow taper, I can bypass more of the severe symptoms.

  4. Alisa! Her communication and fast delivery made her my number 1 go to seller for bag.

  5. Do you have her album and contact info? 😊

  6. I like sellers that keep passive ways to view their stuff up to date. Like Aadi and Annie have very active albums. I also like they have sale/discount stuff because that makes my lizard brain happy. I also like Yiling bc she’s super active on instagram and she includes shipping in her price, so I never get hit up later for more freight (looking at you Aadi).

  7. Oh, Aadi came back to you asking for more money after quoting you?

  8. I am so sorry you are feeling this way and that you had to experience similar pain. I didn’t end up going to a retreat unfortunately, but I did find Esalen. I remember liking the location and some of the programs they had available. There was also something about a work exchange program to extend your stay and work for accommodation which I thought was really interesting.

  9. Hello, this program focusses on nervous system regulation (physical, mental, emotional, nutritional and existential aspects). It includes talk therapy, QEEG directed neurofeedback, self-hypnosis/inner child work, trauma release exercises and more:

  10. Thank you so much for this 🙏🏻 how do you know of this place if you don’t mind me asking?

  11. I’ve seen versions of it in Aadi and Annie albums. I bet most sellers can get one 😊

  12. Could you send me Annie’s number as well? 😊

  13. I’m fairly new and ordered a bunch of stuff for the 11:11 sale. Now I’m finding out there is a 12:12 sale?! This could be dangerous lol. But wanting to know, is there always a double digit sale each month?

  14. The biggest sales are 11/11 (singles day) and then another one in early summer.

  15. So do people avoid purchasing around this time? I don’t mind waiting.. more so worried about packages getting seized

  16. What have you bought as a rep that looked 10/10 identical? Is there specific brands that are easier to replicate than others?

  17. Absolutely! I’m away on vacation but I will do a review when I get back 😊

  18. Still waiting for my order to show as received by fedex. It’s been in the shipping label created phase for a week. 😬

  19. This is exactly what I’ve been wondering myself. I increased my dose from 75mg to 112.5mg because I was so happy with the progress that I almost got greedy and thought well if I’m feeling this great, can I feel even better by increasing? I found myself agitated at 112.5mg and decreased back to 75mg but lost that amazing feeling I had.

  20. Thanks! I think I may chat with him about upping the dose.

  21. I mainly contact my sellers via WhatsApp using a Google Voice number. Many sellers also use WeChat. If this is the method you go with, I would first get yourself set up with:

  22. Thank you for pointing this out. I apologize for not saying please or thank you in my post.

  23. Thank you so much! Do you happen to have any of her recipe guides?

  24. Not that easy when she is likely influencing the decision

  25. You math doesn't add up. You are 31 years old and haven't seen him in 12 years so you'd be 19 when you last met him. But here you're saying 14. What gives?

  26. If you must know, my dad cancelled my return ticket when I was 14. My aunt took me in but eventually she lost her job and without child support, she was unable to support me financially so I ended up in foster care at the age of 16. Child services was able to get in contact with my dad where they notified him i was in their care. Apparently because of this he almost lost his job and his family which is when he started blocking communication from me. I reached out on numerous occasions using other emails and phone numbers but went unanswered. When I was roughly around 19 a family member passed and this was the only one in touch with him which is how I found out he was in Dubai. I haven’t been able to find out anything about him since.

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