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  1. This isn't even worth making a post over. Just my 2 cents, but in what world does making a BLT require 3 pieces of bread?

  2. NTA. Your mom is parentifying you. He is not your kid to take care of. Instead of berating you for something that's literally not your problem, she should focus all that energy on calling out the dad for shirking his court ordered duties.

  3. The kids in my theater were well behaved, thankfully. I keep hearing horror stories of parents not disciplining their misbehaving kids in theaters and ruining the experience for everyone else.

  4. I don't like the direction the movie was going in because it didn't follow the canon of the games. There was concept art of the gang as kids and Bentley was in a wheelchair. Maybe if they made a TV show that was loyal to the games and animated in the comic book style that Spider-Verse made popular, I would watch that. But the movie as it was needs to stay dead.

  5. or just the animated style of those still-frame cutscenes with a character narrating

  6. No one is going to want to watch an entire TV show with that style. It would be nice to have it for scene cuts, but that's it.

  7. This is glorious! That's my favorite chase scene in the game and Cyberpunk's music slaps.

  8. I've done it before. It wasn't the best, but afterwards, I kept getting ideas of how I could imprive it. The point is to write something. You can always go back and edit it later.

  9. Please don't shame kids for asking questions. They want to learn. I was shamed for asking questions a lot as a kid, which ultimately led me to have anxiety over whether or not I'm annoying to people, which led to me not talking to people and being "the quiet one." When in reality, I have a shit ton I want to say, but don't for fear of coming off as "annoying." Never shame people for asking questions or being interested in something.

  10. Yes, that is how kids learn. Especially when it comes to medical stuff.

  11. I wish I was informed on medical stuff better when I was a kid. Then maybe I wouldn't have medical trauma from pediatric doctor's visits, leaving me to fear them as an adult.

  12. The most annoying thing my cat does is meow to be let out of my room when I just let him in. The most annoying thing a man can do is constantly beg you for sex and get upset when you say no. So yeah, I think I'll stick with the cat.

  13. Wow, jealous much? That's so rude. Everyone has to work hard to buy a house in this fucked up economy and the current state of the housing market. You may just not have had to work as hard as someone with kids because you don't have to spend money on nonexistent kids.

  14. You should try to drum up more information before jumping straight to ending the relationship.

  15. I hate that crap, too. To me, using sex jokes just shows that person is super horny and doesn't have the brain capacity to think of an actual joke. It gets annoying really fast. That's why my favorite adult animated show is Futurama. Nothing but clever dry humor.

  16. As an ace who constantly makes sex jokes, I'm not sure how accurate your conclusion is tbh...

  17. Ah. I don't like sex jokes in general. Living in a sex positive society where it seems to be shoved in our faces at every corner, I find it annoying and uncreative. I don't mind them in small doses every now and then, but if someone's sense of humor mostly consists of sex jokes, you need new material.

  18. I think it has to be black because the different colors mean different things. Black is for asexuality and white (on the left hand I think, correct me if I'm wrong) is for aromanticism. So the gray could mean something else entirely or it could not mean anything, leaving it to be an every day ring.

  19. Yeah, you got the aromantic thing right, but maybe grey means grey asexual?

  20. Make sure your dad gets his affairs in order before he dies from liver failure.

  21. It's ok, I'm confident the members of that subreddit ripped him a new one.

  22. Please leave him. He's looking for a broodmare, not a wife. He only sees you as a vessel for his kids. You're 26, you'll find someone else. Preferably someone around your own age.

  23. U can watch this trailer its ok theres no spoiling. Even if you watch the movie you wont understand anything. Well theres no sense in watching the trailer now, the hype has been created already. But watch the first movie again def cuz there were some references i forgot about.

  24. Ok, thank you. I tried watching the first one again, but there's only one streaming service that has it.

  25. Unfortunately. I didn't recognize the name of the service that has it. I think it was Tubi?

  26. I so want to respond to this article with a paper I wrote on the topic for a college class. The government assistance that parents get will not even begin to cover all the expenses parents are going to face. Prenatal care, birth, daycare, extracurricular activities, doctor's visits, etc. The US is actually the worst about taking care of its citizens, including parents. People simply cannot afford to have kids in an economy where people are paying $6 for a carton of eggs and the average monthly rent of a single bedroom apartment is as much as a mortgage payment.

  27. Everyone has a gender yet how often do you hear about agender people? I saw one news report in 2013 about an agender person having their stuff destroyed at school. And that was it.

  28. That's a good point. I guess all the "a-" sexualities and genders don't matter. 🙃

  29. NTA. This reminds me of a Judge Judy episode where the plaintiff tried to sue his girlfriend for creating an "ugly baby," but he was just throwing a huge hissy fit because she never told him she got a nose job. Some men think that they're getting "false advertising" when a woman alters her looks, be it plastic surgery or even make-up.

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