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  1. Please don’t use ADHD as an excuse for his behaviour, yes we can get out of control when it comes to impulse control once we have 1 it may turn into another and another but behaviour and being abusive is all him. I don’t drink very often myself or smoke but when I get drunk my friends love being around me, according to them I just want to love everyone and have fun And I don’t smoke because all I wanna do is sleep it’s the same if a ADHD person drinks red bull We get that initial boost of energy for maybe 5 minutes if we are lucky and go into a coma for hours.. I have 4 ADHD friends and we are all the same we get drunk and want to have fun and love the world and then we crash and sleep..

  2. Come on over, how about hourly ? 🤤 👅 👅 💦

  3. I’m in a realationship with a amazing women, mom of 2 deadbeat x husband that only comes around and takes the kids on Holidays so she is always alone she finished her nursing schooling with honours just before the COVID pandemic and has not been able to get her placement because she is unable to take the Covid shots, so she has gone back to school for medical administration just trying to better herself for her children, we both still live apart and different towns, I have a great job and yes it does get very frustrating as we can only communicate thru Text message or a social app she does not have a phone. I’ve been wondering if she accidentally signed up for the accelerated course because she is doing homework and projects to the late hours of the night and sometimes is two exhausted and falls asleep not remembering that simple text good night to put my ADHD mind to rest are you ok, did something happen, did I do something lol. But when I’m with her on my weekends I usually have her full attention unless she is behind then I will make her dinner go do her grocery shopping, make sure her in the kids have what’s needed for that week I agree with the one wife husband of 22 years, I do not understand todays relationships where my money is my money etc, probably why realationships don’t last, we are sirpoossd to be a team and love each other ! What’s mine is hers I love that women with every inch of my heart and yes and no matter how frustrated I because our time gets interrupted or she misses that one txt message I get over it and would do anything she needs I’m so proud of her for what she is trying to accomplish especially looking after me and my insecurities a 15 year old daughter and 2 year old son, she deserves all the help I can give her she is my hero people in realationships today need to start working together like our grand parents and parents they didn’t split their money and this is your job and that’s yours and they lasted forever and support each other and your goals .. I know you may only been with him a short time but maybe it’s time to leave before he destroys you or betrays you in more hurtful ways

  4. Ugh why bother looks like you have lots of volunteers already

  5. Yes every time and don’t stop until she cums and then usually multiple times! It’s my favorit meal/deserts

  6. I cat get enough of it, could eat it for days 🤤👅👅💦💦

  7. Yes please but you wouldn’t have time for other friends I’d be living off that meal 🤤 👅 👅 💦

  8. Yes please my favourite thing to do is eat wet pussy ! 🤤 👅 👅 💦 💦

  9. You can sit on my face anytime you want my favourite

  10. Where do I find this little price of heaven ?

  11. Mmmm my favourite I’ll lick that for hours !!!

  12. I can’t get enough, I could eat for hours !

  13. I’m ok with that what did he say about 2, 3, 4 … 10+ a day???

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