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  1. This song was a collaboration with Dust Brothers, which is why the working title was "Dust Brothers".

  2. Brad Delson wanted to play it live on Mother's Day 2017. However, it wasn't played.

  3. How is a person even able to find a naked 13 year old? There probably aren’t any online for obvious legal reasons, and I don’t think that you could find one just out in the wild?

  4. you want to know how to find naked 13 year olds? kinda sussy

  5. The Future Is Now, Bringing It Down, Telekenetic

  6. The one I posted last week was a WIP version, this one has much more information.

  7. You missed the 50 other shitty icebergs people have already posted to this sub apparently

  8. Searching "iceberg" on this sub shows 3 results: One is made up of songs from Starset, Downplay, and MNQN. One is the WIP version of mime, and the last one is the very post you commented under.

  9. my favorite band of all time, Vessels is the pinnacle of sound

  10. What’s with these homies dissin’ my girl

  11. "hurr hurr durr, quote invalid beacuse even tho Korn sound like metal, they not cuz I don't like two of they albuuns" drools like a retard all over the stereo

  12. quote invalid because Jon Davis doesnt consider them metal.

  13. god the last new slipknot song (was it called like the dying song?) was total shit, but i might check this one out if its good! i love nu metal but ive never really gotten into slipknot

  14. The new one is much more different than the dying song and imo its much better.

  15. Old twenty one pilots (no phun intended, self titled, regional at best) if you havent listened to those.

  16. Can't blame him for leaving your fat ass 😜🤪🖕🖕🖕🖕🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. 1999 Slipknot isnt true slipknot. True slipknot is the sound they should have stayed with: funk-slam. Listen to crowz and mfkr.

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