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  1. Maybe you should take a look at your provoking comments to start…

  2. Doesn't he say it's gonna be just announced? We'll wait and see if it's real

  3. This is not a bug. Among Us added blind matchmaking, with randomly generated lobby names. This does indeed make it harder to find modded lobbies or custom game modes like H&S. For the time being the only solution to that problem is organising games through Discord.

  4. How could you POSSIBLY have an update this bad. Might as well remove the chat too. PLEASE revert.

  5. rougly translates to "Japanese bonus track".

  6. Because this guy uploaded 11 second snippets of 3 songs titled “Dark Cloud” “Witch” & “Wake Up”. He is selling the entire album for 10K on OnlyFans. I have no idea how he got it but the snippets were uploaded to Yotube by someone different and this afternoon the video were removed by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America)

  7. were they uploaded to any other sites that are still up?

  8. Well, excuse me for expecting people to have read the rules before posting.

  9. Wow really? Two 7s are two Ls upside down, not that confusing.

  10. Did he say it's iowa lvls of heavy?

  11. imo this album does get iowa levels of heavy

  12. to truly evolve as a species, we must forget about our gender. gender is only important for sex

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