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  1. ngl bhaut bekar shayari hai 🫑

  2. Esi shayari likhta hai tabhi iska naam nhi suna πŸ’€

  3. Okay. Vaise aap mera welcome karo main bhi mod bangaya:1312:

  4. He/She is probably worried for his review. Imagine a hotel fucking up and it inturns fucks up someone's job review.

  5. My man pulling the bottle from the monkey's hand like it can't just rip his face off. OMG :1172:

  6. Totally get you lol. I remember the first time we got a karaoke Mike at our home. I was so excited to sing but the moment I sang a little, my mom asked me to stop coz I sounded bad. After that I somehow couldn't sing for months lol.

  7. Arrey yaar tu cheese wali chutney hey kya , mei kabse cheese wali aunty soch raha tha.. Seriously

  8. Bahahaha. Everytime I think I have a lip balm addiction, Imma go back to this post to feel less like an addict:joy:

  9. Hard relate. Dude I even look back when I stand on the divider coz a vehicle might come flying on that divider.

  10. Coz I'm interested in business analytics and wanna know more about it :1267:

  11. Well the gaurds of our hostel throw it away....their mom has dug them a hole, but still that's not enough...

  12. Where did you get the maybelline hyper glossy laser green from, in recent times?

  13. I had it and multiple others from maybelline in the past but now it’s not available :(

  14. Dunno about the rest bit switch out wish care. I would not trust wish care as brand. They're too shady. You could try out sunscreens by Reequil

  15. Haven't used them myself but there's "upwork" for freelancing and "internshala" and "LinkedIn" for internships.

  16. You could trying creative writing or story writing freelancing work. Or maybe try to get an internship online in the field you study

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