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What is the worst thing about being skinny?

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. I forget, is Jake the Suicide Forest idiot? And Tate, that’s the guy who said women are at fault for the sexual assault inflicted on them, right?

  2. I pretty sure Jake went to a sucide forest and idk about Tate all I know nobody likes him well some do

  3. Thank you for the help y’all I’m just nervous cause if I get stomachache or something that means I have to use the bathroom at school which is not fun

  4. There aren't men's shelters for rape/abuse victims like there are for women. I know that women experience these crimes more often, so there's obviously a need for such shelters in greater number. Still, it would've been nice to have a resource like this when I really needed it.

  5. Near a kid everyone think you a creep, If you get in a SA case you didn’t do you still gonna be found guilty, and can’t cry

  6. Why would anyone want to fight "angered" Batman?

  7. Fart gonna be the worst cause of the smell 😭

  8. Going back the the British monarchy.

  9. Remember when we had king louis xvi? What if that shot happens again

  10. Who is "we", Louis XVI was French.

  11. I mean we as whole earth and I just stated world history

  12. No mosquitoes sucking you and not sweating like you just jumped in pool

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