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  1. It would evaporate before you can anywhere near the sun.

  2. Switched roles nobody gonna be asking there has to be more to this just saying

  3. If y’all wondering why I’m asking I seen a episode of south park and it made then look like ass holes and I was wondering if they really were

  4. Are you talking about food critics or yelp reviewers because those are two drastically different things

  5. I forget, is Jake the Suicide Forest idiot? And Tate, that’s the guy who said women are at fault for the sexual assault inflicted on them, right?

  6. I pretty sure Jake went to a sucide forest and idk about Tate all I know nobody likes him well some do

  7. Thank you for the help y’all I’m just nervous cause if I get stomachache or something that means I have to use the bathroom at school which is not fun

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