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  1. I honestly have no idea, I did mess up on a couple things but I just went back over them and painted them correctly. Also my hands are shaky when I paint so I still don't know how. And thank you. ☺️

  2. That would be awesome tho but they went against Randy Orton and Batista of evolution and they're the early 2000s evolution too

  3. Oh no! Unus anus are performing their finishing move called β€œThe dick Twister!” That will leave a mark!!!

  4. Their just chanting Unus Anus the whole time

  5. Have you put these on community creations? I’d love to download these!

  6. I will work on all of that. Making unus annus will be fun and I'll make unus annus themed tag team belts too

  7. YOUVE GOTTA HAVE THEM FIGHT EACH OTHER NOW!!! If your able to cause I have no idea how that game works πŸ˜…

  8. This is so accurate, it's awesome! But now I wonder, who would face the king of FNAF? Perhaps the Gaelic Gladiator...

  9. I wish SeΓ‘n and Mark could see this series! It's awesome!

  10. That was epic!! Thank you for this masterpiece!!

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