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  1. The keys are in the ignition. The car starts and drives perfectly fine. It needs some work to make it roadworthy. He doesn't want to spend the money on getting it fixed and he's lost interest in working on it himself. He's happy to leave it there for perhaps years until he gets the interest to get it back on the road.

  2. It's assumed, but it's the eyes, they're oval/oriental, also the timing, when this all came out i discovered it was precisely around the time she would have become pregnant.

  3. Oriental? Do you dislike the baby or not realize that’s an outdated term

  4. Kids lie and make up all kinds of shit for attention or just to be funny and imaginative for a reaction. I feel like your kid took it too far and they're afraid to tell you

  5. Yup I’ve worked for CPS and there was a kiddo who made an allegation with the idea that he could stay with his friend who conveniently just got a new PlayStation.

  6. You created life! If that isn’t magical and beautiful than idk what is.

  7. ICPC (out of state placement) takes a long time to organize and is often a last consideration. Visitation with parents during reunification efforts becomes extremely difficult when it’s across state lines and the kids are so young that is probably would mean nothing to them. DCFS cannot provide financial support to people out of state, as well. Most Arkansas foster children are able to get insurance coverage through DHS. Filing for emergency custody would get the ball rolling.

  8. This is a dumb post. The covid vaccine protects doctors and patients. Do you really want to be treated by a doctor who picks and chooses what science to believe in? I don’t.

  9. If she keeps doing it, print giant photos of her and her kids messing up your property and put them in the front yard. Maybe some good public shaming will do the trick! NTA.

  10. For me, the context matters. The example I shared about about practicing normal social things like eating in restaurants is something I did both with my addiction and mental health clients. But, it was funded through the program under daily living skills. That is absolutely appropriate in order to help clients in social settings. The story from OP is dangerous and reeks of transference-like issues.

  11. Ahh that makes sense, thank you. What is transference, if you don’t mind me asking?

  12. Transference refers to non professional feelings forming between a caregiver/treatment giver and client/patient. It could be a dependency, romantic feelings, or other types of feelings. When working closely with someone’s trauma, emotions, and all that- helping can be confused with other things on the part of the client. Sometimes, the feelings can develop on the side of the professional too. The professional must know how to recognize the lines being blurred and to take action to stop it from continuing. That’s a very simplistic explanation, hope it helps.

  13. For the record, I'm perfectly fine not celebrating fathers day if she doesn't want to. I'll probably be at work anyways. She's the one who usually wants to do stuff.

  14. Well your not really a father, are you? Fathers give a shit about their partner and children, you don’t.

  15. Although your father is an ABUSER, your mother has let him do it for years. Her actions alone warrant LC/NC. And your fathers definitely warrant NC. Put up some boundaries with both because your mother has made it clear through her actions that she cares about your father more than your health, safety or happiness.

  16. Please get out before this man physically hurts you because it will come to that. This man sees you as an object or worse. Domestic violence shelters and organizations can get you to physical safety and help you legally separate from him. YOU WILL NOT BE ALONE! I promise you, you will have support every step of the way. You can be free of him at any moment you choose. You are strong, smart and powerful! Tate’s whole mentality is to lie to a woman and manipulate them into thinking they are weak…YOU ARE NOT WEAK! He is a liar! Please, please, please, please message me and I can help you find resources and support in your area. Sending love!

  17. Maybe she knows your a shit dad, unreliable fuck and failure of a husband/father. The children’s safety from a terrible dad is important!

  18. Arghh I want to know what the cut-off comment says 🤣

  19. This is a not your hill to die on. You have a whole evening to celebrate OR celebrate a different time when it is less crowded. You shouldn’t make your co-parenting relationship more contentious over a few hours.

  20. Someone needs to go in the room and hang a metal spoon against a pan and yell at both of them. NTA.

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