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  1. I’ve used both of the methods you’ve mentioned with the steamer + water bottle being far and away my preferred method of the two. The rubber bands can easily bend the brim in a weird way that you’ll notice in my experience. The steamer makes it way more pliable and you really don’t need much tbh, then of course a water bottle or some other cylindrical item will give a cleaner more rounded curve. To each their own though at the end of the day, i haven’t seen any negative side effects of getting the brim a little damp though. Depending on how much of a curve you’re looking for you don’t even need the bottle and could just steam and shape with your hands.

  2. Ahhh good to know thanks! Steamer it is then, what size water bottle do you use?

  3. The look on his face during this scene is something special

  4. I have a H2 25i thats quite loud as well. Came across this post seeing if there was a way to quite it down.

  5. Ahhh ok. I can see how to mark his message with importance under create rules but I'm not sure how to un-mark emails he's sent with importance.

  6. I have these. The Cord. Great shoe! Here are mine

  7. Nice those look cool. Are they as narrow as normal Sambas or would you say they're wider?

  8. Rarewares are okay, I'm from the UK and have ordered 3 figures off them two showed up no problem the 3rd never arrived even after being apparently replaced too. Seemed a bit shady to me but they are the cheapest place the get multiverse from here as they sell for like £17

  9. Do they ever do second runs of gold labels? Wondering if we’ll ever get a Green Classic Doom Slayer again (missed it the first time). Also how long do preorder windows usually stay up on the website?

  10. When I changed sim and got the 6 months free, the credits did not stay and I had to start from 1 again even though there was 5 credits left om my account before :(

  11. Ahh so it took them away when you switched account types? I was wondering if that would happen. That's a bummer for sure.

  12. I don't like the round corners either, wish there was an option to toggle between them.

  13. stick with gen 2. first gen is reaching eol pretty quick. battery life is horrendous compared to gen 2. apps crash way less on gen 2. gen 2 feels so much nicer to use overall and has a better camera.

  14. It has grown on me over the past month tbh. I found out today that I can't return the Gen 2 because it's past 7 days (I never got the email they say gets sent when claims are made that explain that point haha, not in junk box or anything). I guess my only option now would be to either send the OG back or pay like 150 I think to keep it.

  15. the screen size definitely took me a second to get used to but i ended up liking the bigger screen because it made typing so much easier and streaming was much more pleasurable while still being a one hand capable machine.

  16. Nice! I knew about the double tap but not about being able to move the emoji button, good stuff thank you :)

  17. Is it the creased/cracked text block you're looking to fix?

  18. Yes I’m basically just trying to re-attach the glue from the back of the pages to the inside of the back of the spine. I have some PH neutral PVA glue, do you think that could work? And any ideas of the best way to apply it? I’ve seen people say to use a knitting needle but idk I’ve never done this before.

  19. Take your SE off that boulder / concrete 😭

  20. That's just a picture I grabbed from Google to have a visual of what I was referring to for good measure, but agreed. Phones + rocks = no go haha.

  21. The Apple silicon cases will cover them. I forget they are curved since I use it with the case.

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