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Match Thread: 16th Match, Group 2 - India vs Pakistan

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  1. 17.5 full and wide, Munro stretch for it... there's an appeal for caught behind, and then a review of David Millns' not-out decision. There's clearly a sound as the bat thuds into the turf, but O'Shaughnessy decides that there is also evidence of an edge! So Munro will have to drag himself off

  2. 12.2 brilliant diving catch from Rashid TKC departs and Superchargers are beginning to believe. Full outside off, slashed to short third, and it was travelling. Needed a full-length speccy from Rashid to see him off

  3. 10.3 Hales spoons a top-edge into the leg side! Simpson hares away to his left to complete a running catch, and Superchargers finally have their breakthrough

  4. 17.6 Slog swept, it's a skier and taken by Rashid at deep midwicket! It was a length ball, the slower one was in Tucker's reach

  5. 14.5 Sweeps in the air, and Zadrak takes it at deep midwicket! The ball was full and coming at him, he went through with the shot and his upper body overbalanced him to the left. Najib did well to take it while on the move.

  6. 19.3 plinked to backward point, Crane takes the final wicket and Spirit have walked this one. Some revenge for that six, and the two legspinners shake hands. Spirit win by 52 runs and make it two from two

  7. 18.5 thick-edged to the keeper, diving full length! Slower ball from Wood and Klaassen has a hack at it, diverted to the right of Rossington, who takes off with the grace of a Boeing 747 but completes an excellent grab one-handed

  8. 15.2 sliced to short third! The slower ball does it again, Thompson has a fourth! Beautifully bowled, out the back of the hand, and Abbott's filthyhack barely gets to the edge of the ring

  9. 19.3 Trapped in front! Australia, wearing the gold, have won the gold medal! Hold on! Yastika opts for the review now. She looks to sweep the length ball that landed on middle and seemed to have got it off the front pad after missing it.

  10. 18.3 Schutt appeals for lbw, given! Deepti reviews straightaway. I think I heard an inside edge. Let's see. She looked to flick the full ball around off and then was hit on her pads. Well, no inside edge there. Now the impact - it is in line and three reds. Excellent decision from Jacqueline Williams.

  11. 15.4 tosses it up on off. McCoy goes down on one knee, goes for the slog sweep, but mistimes it. High up in the air, and long on takes it. India win by 88 runs

  12. 15.1 full on leg stump. Hetmyer clears the front leg and tries to hit go over long off. But he's toe-ended the shot, and long off takes a simple one. A third for Bishnoi!

  13. 12.4 top edge and DK gets under it. Length ball on middle. Skidding straight through. Goes deep in his crease to pull, but the ball flies off the edge.

  14. 16.4 bowled him! The change of pace working again on this pitch. He went pulling to this good length ball angling into leg, but was beaten by the lack of pace. Through his shot early, and gone

  15. 15.5 gone, the off stump is crashed! Narine hits back immediately. This was bowled slower than the previous ball, and he just pulled his length back a bit to go around off stump again. Cobb went for the slog sweep again, and missed. The stumps rattled, and an emotionless Narine finished with 3 for 21

  16. 13.5 holes out to deep midwicket! The longer boundary coming into play yet again, as Fire's hopes are doused. Miller went heaving to this length ball - right in the zone for a free swing - which was bowled on middle and leg. He timed that well, and even hit with some force. But it didn't go as far as he would have liked, and Invincibles inch closer to a win

  17. 43.1 tossed up Regis goes after it and swings and miscues it high in the air to the onside and Tamim settles under it and takes the catch at midwicket.

  18. 5.6 edged, taken at slip! Pushed across outside off, Plimmer has a fiddle at it and neatly held low down. In fact, that deflected off Jones' gloves, so very alert work

  19. 17.2 Stunner taken by Bates at long-on! It was a full ball on middle, Haynes had made room and tried to swipe it over cow corner. Got it off the splice, it was a skier.

  20. 13.1 Tahuhu's picking wickets for fun! Lands it full and wide, Mooney reaches out and drives it aerially to deep cover. Rowe there, lunges forward and takes it.

  21. 10.4 Run out chance at the striker's end. The bails are dislodged, it's sent upstairs. McGrath is short, the third umpire checks if the ball is in the right hand of the keeper. Turns out it is, McGrath walks.

  22. 19.1 this is gone! This time the yorker breaches through bat and pad to hit the stumps.

  23. 14.6 gone, Bishnoi hits back on the last ball of his spell! That hit off stump off a good length on off, as that was a slider from Bishnoi that skid through after pitching. Hetmyer missed his attempted cut - the ball kept a little lower than expected too - as Bishnoi let out a relief and a roar

  24. 18.4 edged to the keeper! Good length on middle and leg. TKC comes down the ground to try and go over the top. But the ball holds its line, gets the outside edge of the bat, and the keeper dives forward to complete a catch.

  25. 18.2 full on middle. Slower ball. Hales goes for the glory shot by trying to hammer a six over long on. Ends up mistiming it, and the ball goes sky high. Where has the ball gone? Nowhere really, Helm calls for the catch and takes it from near where the non-striker usually stands

  26. 7.3 good length, on off. Tries to flick square but top edge! Short fine leg has to run in, but pockets the catch after keeping his eyes on the ball

  27. 19.3 Full toss on leg, Brunt makes room and tries to whack it over mid-off but she finds Harmanpreet there! The skipper is jubilant as is Sneh Rana.

  28. 18.5 Tight call for a run out at the striker's end. It goes upstairs! She pushed for two and is well short as the keeper collects the ball, leans to her right and whips off the bails. It was a full ball whacked to Mandhana at deep midwicket who came in quickly and threw it in a flash.

  29. 17.2 Jones drives to cover and goes for a quick run. Gets run out! It was full and she came down the ground, drove it hard to the right (non-dominant) side of the fielder. But she had enough time to pick it up and throw it to Sneh who did the rest.

  30. 13.5 Short and wide, asking to be hit. But he carves away straight to deep backward point's hands

  31. 16.1 Willey skips down... and picks out deep midwicket! Used his feet, then looked to slog-sweep over the long boundary, but straight down Abbott's throat on the rope

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