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  1. Had a RP Hamlet with terrible construction problems. The flavor was pretty good, but couldn't enjoy it. Also the Drew Factor Smoke Sweet (red) was pretty awful, haha.

  2. I had a box of these in college, would like to grab some again. Been a long time but I remember liking them, very pleasant

  3. Just got my first this weekend, haven't smoked it yet. Construction/firmness is on point

  4. I read this "Mormon" and had so many questions. πŸ˜†

  5. Hey! I know this is an old post but do you remember the width of the screwdriver you made? I am trying to disassemble the cap of my Lamy, and 1/4" is too narrow.

  6. It is 0.367", haha it's right next to me. I have a technical drawing somewhere.

  7. Thank you so much! I don't have the tools to make my own custom one but there are some 9 mm flathead screwdrivers on the marker so I will give them a try

  8. 9mm should work. Or you could get a cheap screwdriver that is oversized and file it down.

  9. I believe Manson's tattoo was to garner favor and protection from the AB while in prison.

  10. Really watch the puddle - like right in the middle where it's brightest. Really you should be able to see the two sides of the joint. Like others said, chamfering would help visibility- and penetration. Keep at it!

  11. Yup. Wouldn't even need mesh tape, just a few coats of mud as it shrinks when it dries.

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