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  1. Skipping the mechanic is fine... if you can actually do that. Some people get so dead set on doing an encounter a specific way they won't listen to reason. They would rather wipe 15x in a row rather than admit they aren't fast enough to skip that mechanic

  2. Yes. First dmg phase is fine to skip it. But the second is difficult to skip so just do the mechanic to live. I don’t understand trying to do the same thing over and over.

  3. I thought Alaska was suppose to be cheaper? Don’t they like…pay you to move there or give you discount on your taxes or something? If not I’m gonna have to re-evaluate my short term plan

  4. Lived there for three years while in the military. Alaska sucks. There’s no sales tax but that just means everything is more expensive anyways.

  5. You don't remember them storming the capital during Kavanaugh's conformation hearing? Such selective memory you have. Oh, but that's different, right?

  6. Protesting and invading are the same thing I suppose. Sorry, but I’m also confused. You think you have the right to speak to a man? Stay below me, act as your party says you must lil girly. Remain under my boot and do with your body what I say.

  7. What? Lol! My party doesn't tell me how to act, and it certainly doesn't tell me what to do with my body. It doesn't tell me to have sex or not to have it. It doesn't treat me as lesser than. My God, you have lost your damn mind if you think that is how it really is. Dude, walk away from the clikcbait bullshit you apparently eat up.

  8. I feel bad for you. I’m sorry you have a hard time understanding things. Work on your reading comprehension. Good luck going forward kiddo

  9. In terms of the environment, the dogs did that ecosystem a favor. Outdoor domesticated cats are a wildly invasive species and a recognized global threat to biodiversity. They’re responsible for the extinction of more than 60 species of mammals, reptiles and birds.

  10. Focus on cats and not the human global warming crisis is quite stupid, also there are active programs to reduce this exact problem if you would do your research organizations are actively opening up trying to aid care , focus on humans pumping trillions of Carbon poison every day into the air not cats overbred by humans

  11. Nowhere in my comment did I say humans were good or better. Keep ignoring the problem, I suppose. Your generation is further dooming this planet. It’s pathetic and exhausting that children can just say nonsense and it’s ok. There’s an age restriction for reddit and you obviously do not meet it. For the sake of your future practice reading comprehension.

  12. Exhibit A for my statement about democrats pandering to the most gullible. Education doesn’t equal intelligence, especially in today’s college environments

  13. Complaining about money sent to Ukraine when your party is about the let the US default on debt payments. You’re a complete moronic lunatic.

  14. I almost envy your ignorance, child. You’ve been failed from the start

  15. Have fun making a new account hillbilly

  16. I walked out of the theatre. Just so boring. I know it’s a different Batman, but nothing will ever top Nolan’s trilogy.

  17. iPhones aren’t really made for the third world countries you’re referring to having a global scale of. Samsung is more affordable, making it cheaper quality.

  18. It isn't "cheaper quality" it's just less marked up. In fact Samsung phones often have higher quality hardware than iPhone. Saying they're cheaper quality is just objectively untrue.

  19. Saying Samsung doesn’t market as much as apple is silly. I can’t turn on a 30 minute show without a Samsung/google/android advert. It is rare to see apple ads. Both are good. One is just factually better. No shame in not being able to afford an iPhone but I can understand others aren’t as financially ready to spend the money to obtain one. Sorry if you misinterpreted my words. Also, I’ve never had iPhone explode.

  20. The username was a joke, my friend made this account with me lol

  21. Hey there, non-religious person here. It’s because God isn’t real. How do we have evidence and philosophy from Aristotle and Socrates or evidence of Caesar hundreds of years “bc” but nothing of a seemingly magical “son of god”?

  22. I saw one of the mummy films, he wasn't particularly memorable there to me.

  23. I think the first one is the only good one

  24. Hands down one of the worst movies ever released. Watch the first one

  25. I could instead have said that in school, I consistently tested to the 98th and 99th percentiles, without having to put forth much effort. But I wasn't really trying to brag, just make a point

  26. Yeah I mean I hate to be that guy but you’re not a quarter as smart as you think you are when using drugs like this. Don’t want to be an ass, it’s just true.

  27. I’m glad you’re still here with us(:

  28. I find it telling that "presenting an idea" is something that he doesn't want to be accused of.

  29. Oh my god I didn’t even realize that. That’s hysterical. You’re a smart guy/gal

  30. He didn't get the memo that he's not supposed to care.

  31. Do we tell him he’s just supposed to blame immigrants for everything and buy more guns?

  32. This is the only famous person I actually shed tears for when I heard of their passing

  33. Maybe take a break from the internet for the night

  34. I’m using an iPhone from like 5 years ago. No Droid phone has ever lasted me that long. If they up their build quality (and make batteries that won’t drain out in 6 hours after a year or two of heavy use) then I’ll consider switching. But not until then.

  35. Androids seem to be marketed towards the less financially fortunate so I’m not sure how much they’ll be able to compete with Apple ever. The entire Apple ecosystem can’t be beat.

  36. I'd definitely be more skeptical of my experience (and anecdotal evidence, many of our friends also drive Teslas) if Tesla hadn't topped both Owner Satisfaction Ratings, by Consumer Reports and JD Power, in 2022. Also many smaller ones like Zutobi.

  37. An award from JD Power means literally nothing. They’re totally paid off and worthless survey results. However, if you’re basing your defense of Tesla on JD Power then you’re exactly the crowd Musk is appealing to. Low intelligence

  38. My grandma calls every tablet an iPad lol, she’ll ask “have u seen my iPad?” multiple times a day. It’s a Samsung tablet. My other family members try to correct her but I don’t care lol

  39. This is similar to how every tissue is a Kleenex

  40. Must be a shit angle, it looks like a normal sized building.

  41. It’s big but nothing that would warrant a double take. Just looks like a big factory

  42. He seems like that kind of guy who quotes science but doesn't really understand it

  43. Saw someone say “correlation does not imply causation” completely randomly on another post. Some people just repeat words in the order they saw them without any level of comprehension. It bugs the shit out me, way more than it should.

  44. Never said it’s a W? Sickness of any kind is bad but If someone makes a dumb political assumption off it I’ll just respond with a fact

  45. Being unvaccinated is a republican value. So, it is political

  46. Shocking that an overwhelming majority of unvaccinated adults are republicans

  47. that gun was actually pretty good in season one, or am i delusional? I remember actually using it a lot before i farmed my midnight coup

  48. That and the nightshade were great in pvp year one

  49. Seems to me you're the one triggered at me defending people's right to practice faith IRRESPECTIVE of me agreeing with them or not. I'm against mockery of sensitive topics. Do it all you want in your private home, but once you bring it public, you're deliberately choosing to hurt others with it.

  50. Man you are a hopeless fuck fig

  51. A 10 year old is able to see through your nonsense. Religion is for morons so there’s nothing anyone can say to help you. Don’t populate for the sake of the planet

  52. Same thing will happen if US citizens give the gov their guns.

  53. This is such an ignorant sentence. I’m an aero engineer and former Air Force. The military would rape you senseless from the sky before you’re awake to shoot your little slingshot.

  54. People are hopeful, but blind, and don’t want to accept that this is the truth. “I like it so it will do well” is not a real thought process, most people don’t want to spend $10 on a single character in a game with this many issues. Game will be in the gutter in a matter of weeks. It was cool for a weekend or two.

  55. Nobody has to spend money to unlock characters. It's a time vs money scenario.

  56. You have clearly missed a large portion of the discussion on this post. Try reading before posting next time

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