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  1. I usually have to be the squirrel in this situation lol

  2. Hey, did you know that in terms of male human and female Pokémon breeding, Vaporeon is the most compatible Pokémon for humans? Not only are they in the field egg group, which is mostly comprised of mammals, Vaporeon are an average of 3"03' tall and 63.9 pounds. this means they're large enough to be able to handle human dicks, and with their impressive Base stats for HP and access to Acid Armor, you can be rough with one. Due to their mostly water based biology, there's no doubt in my mind that an aroused Vaporeon would be incredibly wet, so wet that you could easily have sex with one for hours without getting sore. They can also learn the moves Attract, Baby-Doll eyes, Captivate, Charm and Tail Whip along with not having fur to hide nipples, so it'd be incredibly easy for one to get you in the mood. With their abilities Water Absorb and Hydration, they can easily recover from fatigue with enough water. No other Pokémon comes close with this level of compatibility. Also, fun fact, if you pull out enough, you can make your Vaporeon turn white. Vaporeon is literally built for human dick. Ungodly defense stat + high HP pool + Acid Armor means it can take cock all day, all shapes and sizes and still come for more.

  3. I have been scarred with this information, and now idk what to do XD

  4. Caring shouldn’t feel like a weakness or something we need to hide right?

  5. No, caring shows strength, compassion, it's the best thing you can do!

  6. When I was 11 I was told to take out the trash and I did but (for context my family had a grill with a box of matches next to it and it was fall) but I burned some dead leaves for like 2 minutes then I stomped on them to put out the fire but all did was push it right next to our house and then the house went up the flames and my parents had very well paying jobs so they were able to pay for the damages but when the authorities came and firefighters put out the fire, they were wondering how it started and the authorities suspected someone jumped to the fence and lit up the leaves to burn our house down. Our parents scared for my life moved somewhere else and they lost the jobs and lost a lot of money moving to our new house and for the next solid 7 years we lived like shit. and my parents still do not know that I'm the reason they have to look like that.

  7. Damn, this takes the cake for the thread. Let's just hope ur parents dont end up seeing this XD

  8. Be neither is nor not... I love how that just flows :>

  9. Really? All of them? I knew number 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 haha

  10. I've been enough on reddit to see these kinds of threads, just not that long

  11. lol yea ive only seen the single subs and ive been here for quite a bit

  12. I (14 yrs) was having a great thanksgiving today, till about 3:00 or 4:00, when my girlfriend texted me with some depressing stuff, which really brought down my mood. As much as I tried to comfort her, nothing worked. There went my day. :/

  13. From a brief look at the search page, 2-10 ml, but they do dribble ejaculation, so that's even lamer.

  14. If I touched that at a high speed I would see God.

  15. ??? XD explain plss my mind cannot comprehend that XD

  16. While it doesn't rhyme, I would say Elon Musk in his natural habitat (being propped up by the Republican party)"

  17. Sometimes I'm tired because I'm having a cold for the fourth week now

  18. Aww, feel bad for u man. Recently I sprained my ankle, so I understand where ur coming from. Feel better soon!

  19. XD That's how the meme goes, sorry for no context lol.

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