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  1. Dont really know what has been going on because I have avoided any subreddits since the bearmarket started but my two miners have increased daily rewards since the beginning of May. Went from average 0.2 HNT to 0.3 HNT per miner.

  2. I've done it with videojet 3320 lasers. It really depends on what a good v bad response looks like. In my case, I'd recieved an "ack" response to confirm it was good and a "nak" when bad. Then use a combination of specific characters to determine specific response format.

  3. 6 months for most things. PF525 3hp won't be in until October...... current estimate.

  4. Hook up a PC with Wireshark on the network to capture all data and see directly what is happening.

  5. Screenshot a copy, put black boxes over any identifying information. Screenshot that and print to pdf. Then upload the printed file.

  6. I was in the navy for 6 years as a electronics technician. So the job I’ve been qualified to do the job I’ve been doing for 4 years. It’s not like I had to learn how to work on electronics or basic electrical theory. But now being more in a manager and project manager role I’m nervous. Before I was just an employee, was just given control of work at the beginning of the day and just did it. Now pretty much I’ll be generating control of work. Before I repaired and installed equipment and systems. Now I’m be creating equipment and systems. Idk, just a big jump.

  7. Also, with employees at a company vs the Navy, since they will often times have up to 30 yrs experience on the job, don't pretend you know everything. Ask them to help you understand what they do and why. When you have a question about how to do something, don't be afraid to ask the team. I have 20+ yr experienced programmers that work for me that do things I can't. I make the rules, sure, but I talk through the problems with them and ask their opinion. Often times they've seen this (whatever scenario your working on) before and have good insight.

  8. I was an AE in the navy for 8 years. I was a Quality Manager for 2 now a maintenance manager for 8.

  9. Set your terms for it. They obviously need you to bridge a gap. I'm sure you make much more than the normal operators, would make no sense to keep you there for an extended period.

  10. Can you give some more details and correct typos? How are you controlling it? What does the front of the drive display? Does the drive work with different control method (pot)? Where is speed reference coming from? Will it run with a preset speed?

  11. One common pitfall with these drives is attempting to simultaneously remove stop and turn on start bit. Try dropping stop input well before starting.

  12. Ok. How do I create a contract that creates many dynamic erc20 contracts and sets different prices for each contract as given by user. Is it possible because when buying a contract the buynow button need to call the buy now function but it is in the child contract and we're not directly communicating with it?

  13. I think that will just set the price of the token but everytime on clicking buy I need to call the buy now function but it is in the child contract. So it is complicated. If you can elaborate it'll be helpful

  14. I don't think understand what you are asking for. In your original question.

  15. There are people working their asses off for $10k a year, even less, in other countries. Count your blessing.

  16. Yes. There's a board called "reddit" you can literally post any question you want. Look it up

  17. Highly depends on the company, type of work, and career level. Dress like you understand the intent of the position.

  18. That is why I always ask them what to wear. It's not a silly question.

  19. When I interviewed for my current job, the hiring manager seemed pretty happy that I wore steel toes and brought my own high vis vest, safety glasses, and hard hat. Made it easy to do a site tour and he seemed to like that.

  20. Exactly. When we interview, we want to be able to walk the floor. That means clean pressed slack, steel toe boots/shoes, and something you won't be sweating to death in. Wear a suit on a production floor in Florida in August, good luck.

  21. Be careful what you wish for with a union. In my experience, union=dead end job and no meritocracy.

  22. Ummm… not even close to reality in the SPEEA union. Pay raises are based on a “nominal” wage pool and adjusted up or down based on compa-ratio and performance evaluation. Have also received on-the-spot cash awards for novel designs.

  23. Every contract is different. I'm simply speaking directly about my experience.

  24. Not all manufacturers do swing shifts or force off shift work. We don't, but it takes about 5 years to get to day shift. Look around.

  25. You just need more diagnostics, shouldn't need to go into the code to know one of 15 devices is malfunctioning, esp if in a manner inconsistant with normal operation.

  26. Would you mind telling me how much experience you have in manufacturing automation? And in what role.

  27. It was 75K and located in Palmdale. Originally, I thought it was okay, but my graduating friends were receiving offers much higher in areas that had a much lower cost of living.

  28. Well, it's not too abnormal to get a job and leave soon after for a better offer. Often times individuals have many different places they are interviewing with, accept one, and then soon after accept a better offer. It's perfectly reasonable and won't really be frowned upon by those in the future. As long as it's not a pattern and you don't do it several times

  29. Agreed. I was given the title of Success Manager while doing project work as a micropromotion. Fuck that 😂

  30. The problem with these types of titles is that noone knows what the hell a "Success manager" is. Just make it something generic like "Manager".

  31. What I've noticed is that the prestige of your job title has allot more to do with what segment of the business you're in than where you are in the hierarchy. So in reality, the company given titles are meaningless to those outside the company.

  32. I've always been fascinated with electricity. It's like magic. Even now.

  33. Pwm may be able to simulate 0-10vdc. But still, Why? Surely there's a better way.

  34. The higher you move up, the more conflict and disagreement you will experience.

  35. 100% agree. Most people are not comfortable exposing their genuine best idea, and feel that being challenged on those ideas is somehow disrespectful.

  36. Same been told to act like a senior because management is the next step up. No salary increase for it, so I'm not doing it for free!

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