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  1. I am an American and haven't heard of any of the things you said that weren't basketball 🤷‍♂️


  3. What an L response. SVG was clearly tame in his joke.

  4. It's not. Not all of the games shown on the Showcase are coming to Xbox, like Spider-Man 2, Final Fantasy XVI, Granblue Fantasy ReLink, Phantom Blade Ø, Tower of Fantasy, and Foamstars.

  5. Man that's so annoying. I've played them on the PS and it's sickening that we don't have access to them. The SP games are INSANE and we're stuck with SP3 from 2007.

  6. Basically it’s whatever the next step in their process is. If you haven’t done an interview, that’s the most likely next step

  7. Thank you! I am thinking about an interview as well (not to get too ahead of myself but I know my scores were extremely high on the assessments).

  8. NBA media coverage is terrible. No wonder they're so limited in markets. Media is gonna suck this news off for the next week or so instead of focusing on the actual fucking playoffs going on

  9. I mean every outlet is talking about Boston and Miami. Tf are you talking about? Is it so bad that there's a segment about Bron having a torn tendon?

  10. It's literally old news, there's no need for this. And last time I checked, the major outlets are still discussing LeBron's potential retirement, Kyrie's pending free agency which is always going to be tied to the Lakers.

  11. No I don’t think I could get away with murder

  12. Chris Paul and Doc Rives reuniting for one final, all-time choke jobe

  13. NO Paul was absolutely better than Trae. Too many people on here were too young to watch him, to say it’s malpractice is laughable.

  14. He would've been insane of course and I believe they beat the Lakers and go on to the Finals.

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