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  1. haha of course I knew they wouldn't call anything

  2. Warriors shooting 80%+ inside and less than 20% from 3. Typical Warriors, the most prolific mid-range team in NBA history.

  3. Warriors finally looking like an NBA team on the road. Also Poole is just terrible my goodness.

  4. Let me get this straight. You’re saying…that if the warriors had won more games…they would therefore have a higher seed! Genius. Thank you for your insights

  5. No, I'm saying that had they played even well below standards, they would still be in a prime spot in the standings considering there isn't a team running away with the West this year, nor are there multiple strong teams to the point where the higher seeds are out of reach.

  6. If they won more games they’d have a better record? My god! How insightful!

  7. Yeah if you wanna be a smart-ass and completely misunderstand the point of the post. Congrats! You're a genius

  8. Has there been that big of a difference in Poole's shot selection from last year to today? He's been worse than Westbrook levels of efficient

  9. Not even a question write that check right now and throw in 3 badd bitches for all he’s done for us.

  10. Reaves' has improved so much over the last year it's actually scary. This player did not exist 1 year ago

  11. he's mad chill! gives respect where respect is due and isn't afraid to praise the next generation

  12. Am I crazy for thinking that all-around, DDV is much better than Poole? He is everywhere all the freaking time and doesn't make dumb mistakes or diverges into tunnel-vision

  13. I'm a W's fan but I honestly don't know who's better -- Steph or Giannis. They both scare the crap out of me

  14. I'll be honest with you I cannot remember the last time the W's won in OT. It's been half a decade

  15. Honestly I think Steph, Klay and Dray all got better so 18/19

  16. Raptors reminding me of their 18/19 team. That team was straight lockdown... my goodness

  17. what's the lowest FGs made in a quarter for a team? lakers just had 2 in the 3rd

  18. How the fuck are they below .500

  19. Offense has taken a hit. Siakim is not a #1. Need another reliable #2. Barnes has struggled all season

  20. How the Warriors go 34-7 on the road is incomprehensible

  21. Warriors have always been a strong road team. They're excellent at home this season (as usual), but there is something clearly wrong on the road.

  22. I think people are saying that OP essentially threw his money away by trusting a stranger.

  23. I read it as "I'm having a bad day and the icing on the cake just happened with my car not starting. At this point, I'm just too tired and fed up to go and sit down at a comedy right now. I just want some alone time to soak in my feelings."

  24. All they have to do is win one game on the road in the playoffs per series, and they'll be alright.

  25. I'm not even a Lakers fan but the amount of garbage people were talking about them in the GDT, and then coming on here and pretending like they believed in them the entire time is laughable.

  26. Haven't watched the game but checked the score when it was 32-15, what happened?

  27. While on the topic, do you think they will put Bäckström on Ovi's line when he reaches 893/894 so that he can get the assists?

  28. OP probably thought this up because Iorio got his first NHL assist on an Ovi goal today

  29. The Warriors are showing great resiliency, but they can't expect to keep coming back from double-digits. 4/5 of these would've been losses on the road

  30. Ingram literally looks like a Durant clone. I know great player has their "prodigy" but Ingram literally looks like Durant had a son. HIs body type and game is literally the same

  31. Nobody wants to play a fully-healthy Warriors in a playoff series. Hell fucking no.

  32. Who would the Warriors be better with: Durant or Kawhi?

  33. Who would the Warriors be better with: Durant or Kawhi?

  34. Holy fuck the Clippers are getting absolutely raped

  35. PG on the Warriors would be so unfair. He fits like a glove. Can ISO, has the length to shoot over players, great shooter, great handle, can come off screens and shoot, defend -- like wtf

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