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UPDATE: aita for perpetuating stereotypes about Jorts?

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Attorney-client privilege - some answers

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Gabby Petito Foundation Update

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  1. Communications with the court have to be filed on the docket. Otherwise, they're impermissible ex parte communications (one sided communications to a judge). So even these random letters end up there.

  2. I am so sorry. This is impossible. Our kids were home for almost a month because of daycare closures.

  3. I am so sorry. My 3yos classroom was closed last week due to a positive test and last night we got an email that my 4yps class is closed. This is impossible and beyond infuriating.

  4. I'm an employment attorney. This expired, sadly.

  5. This is more HR involvement than ive seen during investigations of allegations of outrageous sexual harassment

  6. Let's not forget he's been working for DeSantis this whole time, he could have stepped down and spoken out but he didn't. He was silent throughout the worst part of the pandemic. So I don't think he's much different than the ones you're calling out.

  7. For many, who stayed, I do think there was a concern about who would replace them. Fauci stayed under Trump.

  8. How can we keep track of these folks we vote? I can see her losing the next election just because of this.

  9. She's up for re-election in August and she has an opponent.

  10. Since neither of us were one of the Detectives or Agents that he spoke to. Neither of us knows the truth. From my observations and his statements, he was provided information from his clients. He failed to disclose what he was told about her condition or location. If Brian lied to him is one thing. He could have stated that he was not told about her location or condition. But he didn’t. Just because he is a lawyer doesn’t mean he didn’t lie or assist his Clients, that all three will concealing, covering up, of attempting to get away with a serious crime.

  11. He doesn't have to disclose anything about her condition or location unless her life is in imminent danger.

  12. Discussing your interpretation of the law or my interpretation of the law is not important. I was discussing Brian Laundries attorneys behavior. If you believe he performed perfectly good for you. I take a different view of his behavior.

  13. May you never need a criminal defense attorney.

  14. Newsflash, the story was not big anywhere but the US. I saw a video on reddit and clicked it without knowing the story behind it. So take your rolling eyes and shove them where the sun dont shine.

  15. You're literally on a sub about a crime that occurred in America. There are moments to discuss American arrogance, but this isn't one of those.

  16. It wasnt hindsight for me. Before I knew she was even missing i took one look at that video and determined he had choked her and the scratches were defence wounds.

  17. Didn't the video come out after we knew she was missing...?

  18. That has to be a typo. MIP is a minor in possession (think underage alcohol). MSP is a missing person.

  19. A civil suit for what reason? Their actions d have had to be found to have caused Gabbys death directly or indirectly. Sue them because they raised an abusive asshole? And what money would be hey get from the Laundries? They aren’t wealthy.

  20. Absolutely agree. They shouldn't file a lawsuit. At the same time, grief can lead people do things that aren't based in logic.

  21. Because they didn’t let the police talk to their son before he left.

  22. Their son exercised his constitutional right to remain silent.

  23. It matters a great deal. Since jurors tend to make up their mind during jury selection, being likeable is important. Unfortunately.

  24. Saw this post and was about to tag you. Maybe I should also tag Eliza and or her cat.


  26. I can think of 3 moms I know who lost children. Two of those three have foundations. It's a way to process your grief.

  27. Grief is so personal. Everyone experiences and processes it completely differently. Some people want their loved ones closet cleaned out immediately. Others will never throw away a single thing.

  28. So how did they get the date he left wrong for long? Would they not have corrected it sooner??

  29. Since the cameras were hidden, I'm not so sure the parents were aware of them. To show the parents footage would be to reveal the cameras. If they didn't trust the parents, then they wouldn't want to do that.

  30. Just out of curiosity why shall a witness hire an attorney ? I've seen it happen but I can't get the rationale behind this. Is it valid for all witnesses or only those who are somehow connected to a given case?

  31. If you can afford it, it'd be good to hire a lawyer in a civil or criminal proceedings, even as just a witness.

  32. I don’t understand why people are downvoting someone for asking questions, someone who doesn’t even live in the US and doesn’t know the laws and justice system. You’re not being an ass and you’re not throwing out crazy theories. Thanks to

  33. The topic of civil suits keeps coming up so I have a question about jurisdiction - let's say Gabby was either not murdered in Wyoming OR they can't determine where she was ATOD - would the cases (civil) be under Florida law, Wyoming law, or ...?

  34. Civil law is different than criminal law. It'd depend who is suing, who they are suing, and what the causes of action are.

  35. This also could be as simple as hindsight changing perspective. Meaning that had he made a statement on 9/13 or thereabouts, he wouldnt necessarily have used the word "grieving" but with all the information he has now it fits.

  36. Uh, yeah. without a doubt they can be charged. Just because Brian’s dead, doesn’t mean everyone gets a get out of jail free card

  37. That would be the point of a civil suit, to show, if possible, what they did or didn’t do directly led to her death. I would look at it more like what DIDN’T they (possibly) do to prevent her death? LIf it could be proven they knew of DV issues, threats, etc and did nothing then they could potentially be held liable for her death. Did they know and did they choose not to act? I have no idea and I’m not speculating either way. Again, I’m not saying one way or another. I’m only stating there could possibly a civil case.

  38. The number of people across this country who know about a DV situation and do not act is staggering. Imagine if they were all liable for not acting. It's unlikely that they're held liable for her death. It's not like it happened under their roof, or that they knew he left her alive and then didn't do anything about it (even then I'm not sure that would be enough).

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