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  1. I’ve never gone that long (4-5 days). I feel like even if I do that successfully as soon as I feed him something other than kibble, he’d revert to his old ways of denying dry only food. Theoretically forcing me to only feed him kibble ever. Which would be a boring life for him as all dogs love food. I might give it a go one of these days but like another commenter under my post says the tough love approach never worked for them either.

  2. I mean, the other option is you spend double on food and get a veterinary nutritionist and do the same thing where you always have to play games with food.

  3. Alright you’ve convinced me do you think it’d be a good idea to wait till he’s 2 years old (when an Akita is basically fully grown) as I want him to get as big as possible, or am I overthinking it. I know most of his growth is already done but I’d want to milk it all.

  4. Hi! Thank you so much for the response and it's definitely helpful to hear from a trainer who's tried the method and saw the results! Could you also share your opinion on boarding school if you don't mind? I found him a trainer who is "certification through the Animal Behavior College, is an AKC CGC evaluator" and the place has amazing reviews. They'll be sending me photos, videos, and reports daily and will have a session with me to teach me how to train my dog when I pick him up. I'm not expecting them to fix all the problems for me, but at least get my puppy to a more manageable state and teach me how to do the rest (as I'm obviously doing a million things wrong and it feels like my puppy's behaviors are getting worse every day, he also just tried to SERIOUSLY bite me for the first time today).

  5. Avoid animal behavior college people. They're not reputable. They're actually usually really harsh.

  6. Good to know!! I was skeptical because I was convinced that dogs would be able to tell. So far I'm also only doing positive reinforcement, but I'm sure I'm doing a lot of things wrong that are causing confusion to my pup. Curious to know what are the reasons that you don't think board and train would work, I wanted to try it because it was recommended to me by a very prestigious and experienced trainer (I did a lot of research on the trainer and he seemed legit). I'm not expecting my pup to come home as a new dog, just wanted to get him to a more manageable stage so I can continue training him at home.

  7. The only way to tell if the injury is severe is by taking the puppy to the vet.

  8. I never said anything about companies run by any conglomerate.

  9. It’s just a different line by the same brand.. so you’re being rather hypocritical in your statement.

  10. No, it's not. They're two different companies owned by the same parent company.

  11. I don’t think that’s necessary. I’ve been told by many people this is normal adolescent stuff. He’s a perfect dog other than the short periods of over arousal.

  12. It could at least help give you strategies on how to manage it and such.

  13. That’s true! I do have a trainer who we did group obedience classes with when he was young and she always has an open line, I will contact her for some advice.

  14. Just make sure she's certified per that guide. Arousal behaviors I personally find quite challenging and it's easy to accidentally make it worse because many just punish it.

  15. When she wakes you up, put her in the crate while you get ready.

  16. Do they have a jab mandate for teachers in TX?

  17. Try preventing the behavior and redirecting it before it happens. This means, leash her when you see another dog and bring her attention to you instead of allowing greetings.

  18. Alone time needs to be faded in, preferably where you tend to her before she cries.

  19. First of all, two weeks these dogs should not be able to make sight of each other. They should have smells only. Your dog just got neutered and is in pain. Two weeks, no contact. No exceptions.

  20. It sounds like he's probably mistreating the dogs. Dogs peeing in a pee pattern while being dragged isn't humane, working dog or not.

  21. Dogs don't dominante people, that's a TV myth that has been debunked for close to 30 years.

  22. The best thing to do is to call your vet and ask them whether this warrants going back in or not.

  23. True on mental exercise! I guess my frustration is that I used to see the "super athlete" thing on this sub as a deterrent to exercising your dog, as if an athletic dog is bad.

  24. It's more, the hours and hours isn't necessary and it's not necessarily great. It's the excess, not that exercise is bad.

  25. I figured that was the go too. Any food toppers that you'd recommend that are tummy sensitive? Or not even bother with toppers? Kills me to see her not eat.

  26. I wouldn't use toppers. It'll enable the picky eating.

  27. Let her just not eat. Ignore her attempts to beg, she is holding out for something better.

  28. Except this could get kids killed if they trust their teacher to come out at school.

  29. The bill potentially could cause children to kill themselves because they have no safe place to be out where they won't be ratted out to their parents.

  30. This is a situation where your vet needs to be consulted.

  31. That's what I thought. It's a PTSD thing. The trainer in question, has in fact had to really extend herself in similar situations a number of times. I am just trying to help manage her mental well being and endurance.

  32. Just avoiding the situation to the best of ones ability may be best.

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