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AITA 'threatening' to kick out my coworker/roommate for kissing my best friend

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  1. How they treat service people ( servers, bus drivers, cleaners, cashiers, etc.)

  2. NTA. Her behaviour during her period is not normal. Even though she probably has some hormone imbalance it isn't an excuse to treat people horribly. I suggest that you leave soon or else things will only get worse.

  3. YTA. The thing that made you an AH is you saying "It's not ok to be trans". It is like me ( as a Canadian) going up to you and saying "It's not ok to be American, but I don't have the right to judge where you live". Like they didn't have the choice to be born in the wrong body, just like you didn't have the choice to be born in the USA

  4. YTA. It isn't a big deal. If it ended up being a call, you didn't have to join it.

  5. NTA. Him and his family shouldn't be condoning cheating. If he thinks it is ok for his BIL to cheat, he will think it is ok to cheat on you.

  6. YNTA. No she needs to back off and hang with her own friends. You don’t want your friends trying to hook up with your sister.

  7. YTA. It's your party and you can invite whoever you want. But the reasoning you don't to invite her is superficial.

  8. NTA. You will get more of an opinion on this if you post this on the AITA subreddit.

  9. Being called daddy and or mommy. What are you, 6??

  10. Not pregnant here, but it surprised me that if you can get Diabetes while pregnant

  11. When I was younger, I was filled with internalised misogyny. I thought that feminism was a bad thing. I didn't understand that feminism wanted equality for all sexes, no matter who they are. The feminism I saw was just white woman wanting to be considered better than men. But women like Emma Watson and Malala have changed my view on feminism.

  12. Jerry Seinfeld. Occasionally I'll have Seinfeld on in the background and he'll be doing his open monologue. The audience will be hysterically laughing even if it is mediocre.

  13. You could easily avoid people if you wanted to. If they wanted to confront you about it, they'd have to brave it up and actually confront you in person

  14. If I wanted to talk to my friends outside of school, I had to call their house phone and ask their parents if I could speak to them.

  15. NTA. It is good that you got out of that relationship. He could possibly get more controlling over who you can and can't see.

  16. You were being wise and careful in the situation. I don't get your mother's reaction at all. I wish my kids had been a little more cautious when they were learning to drive. NTA

  17. I guess she just wanted me to get practice? Since I got my learners permit through Driver Ed, I need 45 hours of practice. But that wasn't the time for me to drive

  18. My mom would have been in the car with me. Where I live, you can have as many passengers as there is working seat belts

  19. I didn't choose her over Lara but she is an adult now and I think it's time she moves out. A lot of kids move out at 18

  20. Just because a lot of kids move out at 18 doesn't mean that she needs to move out at 18. And notice how he said she is an adult but said a lot of kids move out at 18

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