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This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. These dudes always burning shit. I’ve been running a business for 30 years and never burnt anything. Maybe 🤔 there’s something nefarious going on…

  2. Thank you Danny! We are, together ✊🦆🏴‍☠️

  3. Apparently they have created 1/1 NFT Avatar’s that are game interchangeable. I don’t know what games but if I understand what they are trying to do correctly then, all of them!

  4. I like to customize my own game characters so 1/1 would be… bleh.

  5. I’m sure it won’t be long before you can create/mint your own especially between LRC and IMX as partners but who knows?

  6. DRS and wait for the 1st domino to fall! You see that HSBC was issued a citation, basically a margin call but it was probably suspended! We’re getting closer

  7. There was an 🦍 who did a DD on this very thing. Conclusion: December of 2024 should the VERY LATEST! I don’t have sauce because it’s a 💚 Sunday Morning and can’t remember. It was quite thorough and had multiple time frames for different price points.

  8. I remember reading that recently too and that beautiful ape had created charts to show the time tables based on # of CS accounts and different share prices. Just wanted to back up what you are saying since 2024 really is the latest estimate

  9. Thanks 🦍! This was a well thought out and put together DD, that’s the only reason i spoke up and ‘27 is just nonsense!

  10. Look in the ID of the NFT. they tell you if it's compatible. Most if not all of the in-game 3d model/ characters will be multigame compatible. That's the whole point

  11. Well done! I’m definitely going to grab one. Thanks

  12. Hi, it's me, the citizens of Ireland. We are holding lots of debt and can't make our ends meet. We can't feed our children. Pay our heat or even get ahead while working record-breaking hours.

  13. We need to spreadsheet these and attach upcoming voting dates!

  14. 100% Book - as I've only ever transferred in / received gifted shares from others. Never owned fractional shares as I think it's a joke.

  15. Why are people against this? Everyone on this sub talks about wanting crypto to be a digital currency used in real life etc so here it is, potentially going to be one but everyone all of a sudden against it?

  16. Crypto needs to be decentralized! Give power back to the people.

  17. I'm a teacher. I can assure you nothing happened to that student. He was sent back to class with chips.

  18. And that’s the problem! I’m sure many a good teacher has left/been fired because they get no support and there’s no discipline for the students. I feel bad for the teachers!

  19. Isn’t u/ MillerTime1216 trying to keep this up to date? I know someone was stepping up to try and keep this updated.

  20. Taking 🦍’s work and calling it their own. Did you expect anything different? They don’t play by ANY rules!

  21. Would you explain why this is or point me in the right direction? Thanks

  22. History has taught us every time a new ticker comes on the scene out of left field, it ends up a pump and dump to steal from retail investors. GNS is a new company, with sketchy people, spouting every talking point apes want to hear. It’s likely the most intricate and well planned pump and dump.

  23. They are doing the NFT wrong by assigning a price to it, now SHF can just pay $10 per share CASH and be on their way! An NFT dividend can’t have a CASH escape option.

  24. I was denied of that promotional NFT even after I knew I qualified for it. Made the necessary purchases, kept in contact with GME Blockchain support, provided proof of eligibility. Had some extra loops to purchase it anyway. Support ignored my emails. I am a bit upset, but I will still support this company.

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